Thursday, June 20, 2013

"LOVE speaking German" (SP)

     HOLY beans.  Um my spirit bum has been worked SO hard.  We work from 6:30-9:00 every day.  Work work work.  But it's more like play play play :).  BreAnne: THANK you for your letter!!  I loved it SO much :).  I was so happy to hear from the fam.  I haven't worried about anyone or felt homesick like at all....sorry.....ha but I love hearing from those that write.
     Um so I knew this work was true before I came out here.  I know the miracles that can happen and that prayer, study, obedience is crucial.  But THIS is unbelievable.  I know SO many already know what I'm talking about, but it's down to such a wire that it blows your mind. 
     I LOVE speaking German.  Remember how I was happy to go anywhere BUT German speaking?  Haha Alpine GERMAN-speaking mission....  No haha but I freaking love this language SO much.  I could pray and bear my testimony in German on day 3 and it only gets better.  I would not be afraid to go out now to the field and just take a whack at it :).  I think about Grandpa Packer's blessing when I was set apart ALL the time.  I have NO fear.  Ever. What an incredible thing to be blessed with.  I guess I must need it with the people of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria!
     I have two companions right now Sister Kirvenen (care-veenen, with a rolled R) and Sister Lewis.  Sister Kirvenen is from Finland and speaks fluent Finnish, English, some Japanese, some Swedish, and is excellent auf Deutch.  She's incredible.  It's been hard working with her because, Lydia, remember your brain book?  She has a really hard time sitting and focusing sometimes, but I'm so happy to have her determined spirit.  It's been a blessing.  I love the practice of looking at strengths no weaknesses.  Cultures are different and it's having companion inventory, figuring out what we mean when we do what and then getting back to work.  I love her and her sarcastic humor which I was offended by at first, but now I just love her for it.
     Sister Lewis is a GEM.  So I mentioned that I was made the Sister Training Leader day 3 right?  All sisters should, but I check girls clothes and will remind them if it's not quite modest.  I told Sister Lewis once and she immediately went and changed.  ZERO drama.  Then today she went through her clothes and said, "Hey what do you think was too short that I should send home?"  Um OH-kay.  Gem.  She's had a harder time with German and tends to spout little Spanish words every now and then haha but she's a hoot and keeps us all laughing.
     Ok and then there's the girls from Scotland.  HOLY freaking hilarious.  Their accents crack me up.  It doesn't matter what they say.  Funny story.  Sister Mcewen (Mick-Q-en, so Scottish right??)  Is in our room and she says things  like, "That's a bloomin ____".  HOLY hilarious.  I can't help but laugh my head off.
    I'm out of time.  But I love it here so much.  The work is incredible and the Lord delivers us.  I'll write a letter with some German in it :).  Love you all!!  Thank you for your prayers!  If you could, pray for a Sister Couper (also from Scotland) and for Sister Maata (from Finalnd as well).  They've had a hard time adjusting.  Foreign students have had a harder time but I love 'em so much.  Good faith!
              Sister Packer

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