Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nicole's First Day (SP)

Dear Family!
     HOLY beans.  First day.  Check.  When they say your immersed in the work your first day, they're not kidding.  We're led away by a host to our rooms which, first miracle of the day, was Christie Bunnell! I like started tearing up when I saw her, not sure why... I think a tsunami of emotions and one familiar face made my whole world feel peaceful.
     We went straight to our trainers who spoke ZERO English.  But we're speaking our language 100% or at least what we know at ALL times.  It's super fun!  Yes yes there's SO much to take in, but letting myself get overwhelmed isn't the best way to cope.  So I just keep smiling and make it a game :).  I  LOVE the MTC.
     My first companion!!  She's from FINLAND, k and I'm already picking up her accent.  Her name is Sister Kervina (care-veena) and is a GEM.  Seriously.  Instant best friends?  Ya, they happen.  I get her for 6 whole weeks! Yeah!! :D  Laughing and playing the speak the Deutch we DON'T know.
     I'll write more about the sisters in my room, some from Scotland, another from Finland, Utah, Utah... I think ... haha a lot to remember.  All the accents rock :).
     2nd miracle: saw sister Rachel Lieshman form UVCC.  3rd miracle: Brought an extra face scrub totally last minute without thinking too much about it and turns out I left my first one at home.  heavenly Father is watching out for me.  Oh, 4th miracle.  My little closet was LOADED with hangers and no one else's were.  So I gave some extras out, but had enough to hand up some things :).
     I love you all SO much.  They've got good multi-tasking tactics here.  Work so hard that you don't think about home.  Ha ask me in a week... Anyway :).  Talk to ya'll soon!
   Sister Packer

- My shoes are AWESOME.  Zero problems :) :) :).
-There are so many sisters that are foreign it's crazy!  I'm learning a Scottish and Finnish accent ;).

Oh P.S!  I was made Sister Training leader yesterday (June 13)!  I'm so humbled and blessed!  Pray for my sisters!

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