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It rains in Wales, but with rain comes rainbows!

Not sure if this is Benbow Farms...or a scenic view in Newport, Wales,

First flat tire!

Filling the font 3 times until clean water came out--this is what the water looked like the first time.

We figured Jake would find honey in the UK...he lives on the stuff!

Elder Jacob Packer's 19th Birthday!

Elder Eppel went home, We had Christmas Conference, and we dressed up as shepherds for the Cwmbran ward activity "a Night in Bethlehem":

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Here is a picture of me after a really really really wet day. If you can't tell I'm completely soaked and I'm squeezing water out of my gloves. 1-27-14

that is a bowl of  cous cous. It was pretty good. It has a weird texture though. It's growing on me.

MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! Damian on Mar 1, 2014, Wales
Wait…these look like…could it be?…LEGOS!

Yes, there is a smiley face on the potato thanks to Elder Ferrell : )

Here is a picture of a proper British Breakfast. Mom! You can't see it in the picture but I had a couple of those boiled half tomato things... They were alright... and the eggs, they were ok too. I definitely prefer the sausages. (From Mom--baked beans are a regular menu item for breakfast as well.)

My new companion is Elder Jones! A very welsh name for a Finnish bloke… (3-10-14)

There are many many many pigeons here in town center. This one was hanging around to eat the crumbs from my lunch.

It was misty one morning. Those are our bikes chained up to a pole.

Enjoy the picture of my beautiful bike. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder/the person who made it ugly on purpose.

These birds match Andi's new tennis shoes!

Here is a picture of the July 4th party.

These are some pictures of the slide. It was pretty cool. Notice The young lad right behind me coming down the slide head first. :) That is Connor:)

Elder Andreas Lindquist from Sweden. I'm so excited to be with him. He's 19 years old, his hobbies include pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Just kidding. He really is 19 but he plays loads of sports and apparently is a beast at Judo. 

Elder Shaw is opening up a new area in Nuneaton. What a beast.

So the kid with the blue tie is going to Ghana West Accra. The lad in the glasses is going to Mesa, Arizona. The guy without the suit jacket just got home from Scotland/Ireland.

They brought an entire pig to Maria's baby shower (that the missionaries were invited to!)
The Glenfield District. I love it here. It feels like home. 

Elder Sam Harris from Lindon UT. He's my Zone leader.

Oh yeah and I'm the district leader.
No idea what this is except a bug of some type...English Earwig perhaps?

Elder Lindquist

Elder Packer the day before his 20th Birthday, emerging out of a missionary meeting of some sort at the Westcotes Ward, wearing his special cardboard birthday glasses, candle included.  Photo credit to Sis Mann : )!

Sent from Liz Quick in Westcotes Ward at a wedding they were serving at. (Elder Packer and Elder Lindquist)

Elder Jake Packer with new companion Elder Jake Severe from the Lindon 14th Ward in our stake!! (Nottingham)

"Elder" Tim Farrant found Jake in the Nottingham ward--Tim was a missionary in Manchester England with Jake's uncle and aunt (Dave and Kathy Packer Bullock)

Elder Jake Severe and Elder Jake Packer spell T R O U B L E (with Jawbreakers in microwaves, anyway)

No missionaries were harmed in this jawbreaker bubblegum explosion incident--only the microwave and some pride...

Two Jakes:  Severe, Packer

And a sweet picture of the only Lindon-ites in the EBM (Sam Harris, Jake Severe, Jake Packer)
Decorating for the Christmas party!
Elder Jake Packer with former comp Elder Ferrell
Elder Jake Packer, Pres Rasmussen, Elder Horgmo
Traditional family nativity play with the exercise ball taking the place of Jake as the donkey.  He was truly missed.
Surprise give via Amazon.com UK--a shoe dryer/warmer to keep that England rain from destroying his SOLE : )
Another UK mail order to make a photo family calendar for Christmas.  No shipping!!  Best idea ever!!
Snow in Nottingham! (With Elder Winder)
No idea what this is...I'm not surprised, just don't have an explanation...
Wishing all a very cool Merry Christmas from Nottingham 2014.

My Blue Eyed Boy

Hey I want to know what you think about this suit! Sister/Mom advice GO!

Why the area Jake is living in is called "Bull Well" : )

Bulwell, Nottingham

Life is good in the Nottingham 0.5 District! (The name comes from the two wards put together. Nottingham 2/Nottingham 4= Nottingham 0.5)

Nice moosen antlers (or is that mooses?)!

Da da  Da da  Da da  Da da  BATMAN!!

Members of the Church are peace loving people until they get plastic swords in their hands.
(OBVIOUSLY!) --Nottingham Area Jan, 2015

Elder Packer has collected bugs since he could walk--nice find in Nottingham!

P-Day in Notts City Center #1

P-Day in Notts City Center #2

Nottingham Castle in Nottingham, England

The notorious Robin Hood Statue! (And Three Merry Missionaries)

A normal eating day for missionaries in Nottingham.  Not quite sure about the wig...

Elder Packer and Elder Winder, Nottingham, England

Sister Scholles from Vancouver, WA and Elder Packer (who was born when we lived in Vancouver, WA!)

picture of Ossie, the Ward Mission Leader and Dean. The Sickest Recent Convert ever. (and Elder Winder)

Elder Hayden Huff from Pocatello, ID sitting in a posh waiting room with Elder Packer (Burton-Upon-Trent) 3-9-15

Cleaning up the apartment decor left by the previous missionaries (Burton-Upon-Trent)

 Newest companion:  Elder Packer with Elder Boomer Boshard in Burton-Upon-Trent (their moms both went to Timpview High School!)
Elder Packer and Elder Hern on a split waiting for their new companions to arrive (Burton-Upon-Trent)
Dogs have to play by the rules in football or basketball--just like the rest of us

 Before and After Hair Cut Picts!

 District Meeting--yes that is an energy drink on the table
Elder Jarvis and Elder Packer--Elder J is from Fisher's Landing Ward in Vancouver, WA where we used to live!
 Elder Sorensen is the one with glasses.  Elder Huff (Jake's comp) is photo bombing in the back.
New Mission President and wife as of July 2015:  President Mark A. J. and Sister Jane P. Leppard
First day with Elder Boshard (May 11, 2015 sent)
The awesome guy that is darker than myself... a lot darker is Jordi! The girl is Rebekah, she is a great member. (May 11, 2015 Burton-Upon-Trent)

To start, here is a nice tree with the rain drizzling down. (Burton-Upon-Trent May 18, 2015)
I got the vitamins and dietary supplement stuff! Elder Boshard and I were comparing the health level of our parent's gifts to us... He got chex mix and Lays and I got vitamins:) Together we will survive!
I've been warned never to wear pointy shoes because they will ruin your feet, but I wanted to try some on just for fun. What do you think? 

 Missionary meeting in Burton-Upon-Trent
Elder Packer and Boshard working hard!
Staining a deck in Burton-Upon-Trent

Joey was baptised and confirmed this weekend. He has joined the fold! (Elder Packer, Joey, Elder Boshard in Burton-Upon-Trent, June 22, 2015)

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