Monday, June 22, 2015

There could be worse surprises (EP)

Hey so I am a noob because I didn't even make that poem rhyme. Sorry Danielle😔 I am ashamed. Just wanted to get that out there. I wasn't totally ignorant of my non-poetic performance, just rushed.

Now for the miracles.

Joey was baptised and confirmed this weekend. He has joined the fold!
We called Joey on Monday Night and asked him what he thought about moving his Date to this weekend the 26th of June. He liked the idea, but he asked what else he would need to do. We ran through the
requirements with him over the phone. He had some concerns with a couple of them. Naturally. I would be blown away if he didn't have any concerns.

The whole week turned into a battle with Satan! Every day Satan had something to throw at us, and something to throw at Joey. We had lessons, cry sessions, a couple of blessings to be given. Tons of stuff. I had a little thing in my mind that would say, it would just be easier to move his baptism to the 4th so it would relieve some stress on us and the members who we were rallying to help us. Than I would have a counter thought. Do you have the faith to make this happen? President Rasmussen sent us this challenge by revelation, "From the pool of investigators in your area, prayerfully identify one who will appropriately complete all events that lead to baptism and confirmation as listed in the daily planner and invite them to adjust their date and prepare to be baptised at a baptismal service held on June 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 or 28th."

He knows that we can do this. The Lord knows that we can do this.

Holy smokes. Elder Boshard and I looked at each other on Monday night after planning. "Do you think we could move Joey to this weekend?" Elder Boshard asked me. I was daunted even thinking about it. "Yeah, it is possible. He's been to church twice already." Trying to have a faithful outlook. "I'm going to call him!". We took note of concerns he had and began praying immediately that Joey would stay with us. Not falling away from the path of investigating.

I questioned myself every day this week saying "Do I have the Faith needed to do this?" I should. I know that God can do anything. I tell that to my investigators a lot! Than I would keep going forward. Trying to make everything work out in the best way for a baptism.

We ended up miraculously having a ward activity on Saturday night which had been announced on Sunday. We decided that it was the best way to get as many members as possible at the baptism. Bishop Baker agreed and lent us his full support to have the baptismal service right after the activity. It worked out well. Up to the very last
moments there were struggles and temptations. My biggest temptation was to give up. I'll be honest.

Elder Boshard performed the baptism. We had a great turn out and the ward is so great here. Some were a little surprised by a baptism but hey, there are worse surprises out there.

I honestly have never had a greater test of faith in my whole mission.

Hey Padre! Happy Fathers Day!! There is no day that goes by that I don't think of something you have taught me. So, well done on the practical side of parenting. I'm applying it and surviving. Also, I know that you love me so well done on the nurturing side. Ya Done Good. Ya done good.I love you Dad.

Last week, due to my poor time usage I neglected to tell yall about our meeting with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland! This is probably old news if you've read elder Boshard's emails, but Elder Holland visited our mission and we were all able to shake his hand. He told me that he was supposed to give me a hug (from Grandpa Packer) when he saw me. I didn't ever have a chance to get that hug, but it is the thought that counts. Thanks Grandpa! Happy (Grand)fathers' Day to you!

The conference was awesome though. It was super sad because of the group that will be leaving this transfer. around 30 missionaries gave a 1 minute power testimony. They are my good friends. I'll be so sad to see them go. The next sad thing is that President Rasmussen and Sister Rasmussen gave us their departing testimonies. We're getting a new mission president. weird. 


Elder Packer
(Burton on Trent)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Elder Holland and Sister Dalton! (SH)


i don't have a whole lot of time! not any actually but i wanted to say that I love ya so much! thanks for your email! I'm glad that the meds are doing a lot better! Keep that hope! I'm praying for you! Tell bre and all of them that I love them!! 


totally improper sentence.. oh well.

Oh so we met Elder Holland and Sister Dalton! Didn't know who she was but it was cool! 

spiritual weeks, lots of finding! New ward mission leader and things have already been amazing! This transfer is going to be a good one! Oh and I got a new companion her name is Sister Lammintaus and she is from Finland!!



I have a sister named Danielle,
she has two hundred things to tell
She is thirteen, a ripe young age
I was much older at that stage

She has a bajillion friends
And so much to do
She can count the people to love
and she loves them all

She cannot count something so real
despite her new maturity
which is the love for her I feel!


Elder Jake Packer

Hope you  had a good Birthday Danielle!

This week has been a good one. Joey our investigator is doing amazing. That guy went finding with us. Haha, he is a legend. Please pray for our man Joey. He would appreciate it I'm sure. He is aiming for the4th of July to be baptised.

My companion is a stud. I love him a lot. Well done Boshard crew for bringing him up right.


Elder Packer

p.s. please feel the sincerity in this email. I know it is short, but I mean every word.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Double Rainbow! (SH)

Mom! Double rainbow! Does it count for 2 years then? Also learning to
sight read! When you have to sing at a fireside you learn quick!

What happened?! (EP)

Dear family and friends,

Greetings from Burton upon Trent!

Here we go. We had some awesome contact with some less-active and part member families this week. Particularly this couple that live about a 30min cycle from us. The first contact we had with them was through a member who asked us to assist in giving a blessing to the wife of the family. She is a member but hasn't been to church for many years. Her husband is hilarious. We gave the blessing, and saw that they were doing some work on their back deck. We offered to help with it, they didn't think we were serious, but when it comes to giving service we are pretty adventurous so we agreed to help before we even knew what we're going to do.

We ended up staining their newly cleaned deck. We did one coat on Thursday but ran out of stain so we went back on Friday morning to finish up. These were probably the warmest days I've had here in England. My arms and neck got sunburnt. My hands have colour!

We need to get a picture with them. We will go back to teach them.
They said we're welcome anytime.

Our good friend Joey has been doing well. He is legendary, we had an awesome lesson with him on Saturday night.  We read Mosiah 27 with him. It taught me a lot to read it with him. We took a lot of thought in planning that lesson and I'm confident that we did what Heavenly Father wanted us to do for that lesson.

- Elder Packer

Sent from my iPad (Note from Mom:  They just got iPads in their mission 2 weeks ago--technology is changing the way missionary work is tracked and can assist in teaching lessons as needed.  Very exciting!!  Also, these pictures count as June 1st letter--I think there might have been a letter that was supposed to come with it as it was entitled "Pictures First"...but you never know with these busy missionaries!)
Obviously a missionary meeting : )
Elder Packer and Elder Boshard working hard!
I believe this is the deck that they stained.

Monday, June 1, 2015

I love you! (SH)

Thank you so much for your email last week. It was a rough week and that was so good to read wow, talk about mother daughter connection haha!! 
I guess here are some pics from the week... Also went to the dentist hahah oh that sucked!! Also on the way to the dentist got lost and realised that we were in London... Us looking guilty driving in London haha! 
(The driving picture unfortunately didn't get sent--it would have been a good one!)

Dentisit visit in London--fun!

Sister Hansen showing the little tikes around the London Temple Visitor Center