Monday, April 27, 2015

3 minutes of silence... (SH)

Hey everyone! So last week I was gonna write an email and well.. I didn't but it was really good but its also really long! So I'll write it next week! But this week has been really good, we have been doing a ton of knocking I like it. I don't enjoy getting yelled at but the one person who lets us into their house is worth the whole street of rejection. 

The week has been good though, we had two investigators Tracy and Amarah come to church last Sunday and they said they loved it and were coming every week! That was amazing! We wen't on exchanges and a investigator that Sister Fleuren and I had in the MTC got baptized in Illinois so we got to call her and we got a less active to meet with us after years of rejecting missionaries! so great!

So this week we have been doing a lot of knocking and on Tuesday we had been knocking for 2 hours and everyone was so mean for most of the time.. all but one door! The one door was worth it all! BUT my companion hah, we were walking back to our car and shes all "Hey lets go knock that door" and I was trying to tell her that, that was the last door we knocked last time but she wrote the door before that down in her planner as the last door we knocked the day before. I kept telling her that I remembered knocking that door but shes like its fine, I remember the last door being blue so I told her that she could contact in then. She got to the door and knocked super loud and the guy comes to the door and is like "yes" and she didn't say anything at first so I went to say something when all of the sudden she starts looking at pointing at his door and is like "OH, which house number is this ohhh ohh oh, does Ashley live here?" I was so confused... We don't know an Ashley. Me and the guy were staring at her like she was crazy.. Hes like nah there is no Ashley that lives here and shes like oh okay sorry about that and starts walking away.. I had no idea what was going on so I just started walking back to the car and there was like 3 minutes of silence when I looked at her and was like Ashley huh.. She started freaking out and was like I panicked okay, he looked like he was gonna kill me! SO funny! I guess when my companion panics she asks for people she doesn't even know. I was dying! 

Moral of the story is that the Lord has humor and.. to be persistent. We are going back to his door today to knock and see if he will be baptized!

Love you all, have a great week!
-Sister Hansen 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA! I can't even adequately describe it here, I am planning on sending you a card:) Just know that I thought of you yesterday and yelled "Happy Birthday Mom!" 

ELDER BOSHARD IS MY NEW COMPANION! He is from Draper UT. Turns out he lives close to the Gabrielsons:) Small world. 

Yep. That is the biggest news of the week:) He is a beast. We are already getting work done. He's got the faith and he's fearless. 

Oh and we got Jordi on a baptismal date for the 30th of May!!!!!! He came to church yesterday and loved it. He's working on understanding the English but it was a great experience. He will do it, the only concern he has so far is that he won't know what to say to his friends if they ask him about his new religion. Pray for Jordi por favor!

Oh how I wish I had my camera. I would send some pictures, but alas, I must send them next week.

My week long exchange with Elder Hern was one of the best things of my mission. I loved it. We basically consider ourselves companions now.

The other miracle is a sweet lady named Liva walked into church. She is so nice, we are meeting her tonight and hopefully we can teach her family as well. I'm so excited for her.

Thanks everyone for your prayers. Keep them coming, the Lord is working miracles here in Burton on Trent!

-Elder Packer 

Burton on Trent
with Elder Boomer Boshard

P.S. KORI, I read this scripture and thought of you:) 1 Peter 2:18. Go ahead, look it up. (Lydia and Jessie, this may apply to you as well) If you need a hint, let me know.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weirdo Transfer Schedule! Holiday in Wolves! (EP)

I'm here in Wolverhampton with Elder Hern. I'm on a 4 night exchange with the guy. He's an English Bloke from Newcastle in the North of England. I'll explain why this has happened.
Because our mission will be getting iPads, President Rasmussen has been called to a meeting in Germany to get appropriate training and instruction. The meeting he is going to is happening on Wednesday, so our transfer schedule was thrown off. We had transfers yesterday.
The weird bit is that the new group of missionaries don't come in until Friday. I'm training a new missionary by the way. Elder Huff transferred to Rhiwbina (to my beloved Cardiff zone!) yesterday. Naturally I needed a companion until Friday. Elder Hern is also training so we were paired together for a few days. We'll travel to the mission office on Friday and pick up the new missionaries.
For now we're just getting each other psyched out for training! We've only been with each other for about... 20 hours and we've already done some weird stuff together.

Elder Packer and Elder Hern

I just barely took this picture her in the library. He's a funny dude. The English humor and wit are highly entertaining. We work well together. 

He had this work out DVD called getting the perfect bum or something... We tried it. I reckon I'll give it a few more tries to see if it really works.
I'll let you know about the new companion next p-day. I'm excited! Keep praying for Jordi and the Polish family!
-Elder Packer and Elder Hern.

Monday, April 20, 2015

You said Naaahhh! Made my day! (Letter to Daddy Packer) (SH)

So first comment! You said Naaahhh! Made my day! I can't even get over it. I am glad to hear that Grandpa and Grandma are doing well. I am glad that you were able to share that experience. I know that by being obedient even when it seems a little weird we will be immensely blessed. It's crazy to think that something like that could have such a huge impact on the way families are raised. 

I remember when mom was talking to me about Joseph Smith because I didn't know if he was a true prophet but I knew the Book of Mormon was true. Which that post is so true because I had to humble myself and ask instead of just saying that it doesn't make sense and thats just the way it is and that I'm not capable of knowing it for myself. Dang shes good. That is good insight as well. We actually had a really interesting contacting experience on Tuesday. I will send it to you later because we have half our emailing time now and half later so I'll send it then but we learned the lesson of not being able to save everyone. But it goes with this because when we first met the guy (Roger) we could have easily just turned away because he was rude to us at first. 

I like that you pointed out that its often the result of one specific circumstance or event. Its so weird to think how one persons bad experience will affect how they think about that thing forever. If they choose that. We had someone online we were chatting with, his name is Keith. At the end of the chat he gave us his emails and things but before he got off he thanked us for being nice to him. He said that he had a bad experience with Mormons and that he had thought of all of them being that way ever since. But he said that he felt really comfortable talking to us and that we didn't make him feel like we were just trying to get him baptized. It was really nice. Its crazy how we are so quick to judge at first but then when we see the full picture it is actually something quite nice. 

Kinda like the plan for us here on earth. We look at it and judge it all the time. We ask God why when really we should be asking him How. How and What. What is it that you want me to do and How is it that you would like me to do it. When we have that mentality about how God works He works miracles. 

I hope you have a great week! I think I emailed mom back but it may have been to her old email. I also sent her a mothers day package. So hopefully she gets it before mothers day but if she doesn't will you let her know to be watching for it. Let her know I did respond hah but Ill send it to her other new email. 

I love you,

Monday, April 13, 2015

Soo.. I am really bad at writing weekly emails it turns out.. (SH)

Soo.. I am really bad at writing weekly emails it turns out.. But I'm going to work at it.. We have 2 hours and I can't seem to write them ehe oh well.. 

Family and friends! How are you all doing? This week has been kinda crazy! So first off we are teaching like no one but its cool because it gives us more opportunities to go contacting and it gives us time to do companionship and 12 week studies! We have been missing those and oh man! Talk about feeling unprepared for everything! The busiest day in the visitors center so far has been about 300 people and out of all the hours straight we probably spent 6 to 7 hours straight talking without any breaks being there from 9 to 9. With doing 6 to 7 hours of teaching we can not rely on half of our companionship study or personal or 12 week! There is a reason we have 3 hours of studies! But as we strive to do all of those which we have really done this past week, we continue to see miracles! One of them is Luis!

Luis is an awesome guy hes about 20 and he was with his friend when we went up to talk to him and my companion asked me if I wanted to talk to them and I was like not really but we were almost going to pass them so I was like "Oh hey! We were asking people around what brings them the most happiness in life, so what brings happiness" and he said that it was friends and family. We asked him why and he said that its because those are the people we have the most amazing memories with. We started talking about the Plan of Salvation and then after a while into it he told us that he is really interested because his brother just recently died. He doesn't really believe in a God but he knows that his brother is somewhere because he said he can feel him and he was interested about our teaching of a plan for him and his brother. Woah. Wait rewind.. Right before we had gone contacting we prayed and specifically to meet 1 person who needed our message and not only did we meet that one person but it was someone who had needed the exact lesson that we had prepared. So neat and such a testimony builder for me. The Lord knows exactly what we need and what THEY need and when they need it. We haven't had the best success but seriously as soon as we really made it a part of our plan to do 12 week and comp study things completely changed and we met Luis!

Funny though because as soon as we start seeing success in the area something comes up. So our showers! We have 4 sisters in our flat and 2 showers but we still have to shower one at a time otherwise the water is freezing! So we have been trying to figure that out..4 sister who have to shower 1 at a time and all in the same hour. Fun stuff. But the other night we woke up and our bathroom was flooded! But we can't find the leak.. But still so now this is day 3 of having a flooded bathroom any time we leave it for more than 5 hours at a time! So now we are down to 1 bathroom and now our water heater is broken hah. So 1 shower 4 girls and cold water. Makes for lovely mornings! 

Also my companion tends to stop breathing at night! She didn't tell me until it happened the other night. She got up and ran away! What the heck! Her last companion ran after her and I was confused about what was going on and so the other sister and I got up and went in the other room and shes like choking on the floor. It took her like 15 minutes to calm down and to start breathing normally! Holy scary! She didn't tell me that she actually always needs an inhaler..thats usually something you tell someone. She is alive though so thats good. That same night the power went off and so we woke up like 2 hours later and we were walking around trying to find out what happened again and someone knocked on our door and it scared me so i sorta jumped and started walking to the door and my companion comes out of nowhere and we head butted I'm pretty sure that I bounced off of the hallway wall. She completely floored me!! I'm still feeling that one. 

Anyways I love you all! Have a great week! 

Sister Hansen

FDhfad;jf;dsjfadjs;f (EP)

Hey everyone!

Hey so Mom, I felt the same way about General Conference.

I wasn't tired, I just soaked it in. I tried a new method of taking notes. I didn't write down quotes or words from the talks. I just wrote down things that I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me. My general Conference Notes have never been so simple and easy to read before. They also were pretty random, but MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY WERE RELEVANT TO MY MISSIONARY WORK AND MY INVESTIGATORS.  It wasn't the usual list of cool thoughts and scripture references. It was actual revelation for my current situation that I could apply immediately.

We taught my man Jordi! He is from Spain. He is so awesome. Spanish class has come to the rescue once again! He felt the spirit strongly in our lesson. He can't come to church until the 26th because of work. I'm so excited for him though.

We also taught an awesome Polish family. They are hilarious, they are working on learning English. I'm working on learning Polish. I tried to read the Polish Book of Mormon out loud to them and they were laughing so hard. Whatever it takes to get them open to it:) They have two kids, one who is 8 years and one who is 18 months.

On other news, we are at the Lichfield chapel right now. We are going to play sports for district p-day. 

I went on exchange with Elder Sorenson this week. We had a good time.

Oh and I met an Elder that was in the Fishers landing ward in Vancouver WA! His name is Elder Jarvis.

-Elder Packer

Before hair cut...

After hair cut.  I don't know why I look so sad.

Elder Sorenson and Elder Page at District meeting. Yes that is an energy drink. It describes our district meetings perfectly.

Elder Jarvis from Vancouver, WA and Elder Packer (who used to be from Vancouver, WA)

Elder Sorensen in the middle with the glasses

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Introducing President Mark A. J. and Jane P. Leppard (EP)

Dear Elders and Sisters,

We are pleased to announce and introduce to you President Mark A. J. and Jane P. Leppard.  Effective 1 July 2015, they begin their service as the new mission president and wife of the England Birmingham Mission.  President and Sister Leppard are from Tadworth, Surrey, England.  Attached to this message are their brief biographical sketches and pictures to help you become better acquainted. 
President Mark A. J. and Sister Jane P. Leppard

President Mark Leppard is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and employed as the Director of Sales for Ascom UK Limited. Sealed in the London Temple to Jane Patricia Thurlow.  Served as a Counselor on Stake Presidencies, as a Bishop and Ward Mission Leader. Former missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission.

His wife Sister Jane Leppard, a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and formerly a qualified State Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife. Served as Ward Relief Society President, Counselor on Young Women's and Primary Presidencies, Gospel Doctrine Teacher and Stake Representative for LDS Family Services.
They are blessed with 4 children and a growing number of grand children."

I'm alive! (EP)

Hey, sorry I didn't email you on Monday. I'm alive, the computer I was using just died so I couldn't send one off. President told me to send out a quick email letting you know that I'm all good:) 

Have a great day everybody! I'll email you on Monday!

-Elder Packer

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm glad I'm in England (Letter to Mama Packer) (SH)

So your email will be one for the i just started.. Thank you so much! Groombridge place is so pretty! hah yeah the trees are huge, can't see over them but thats okay.

Thats cool that Elder Holland visited Josh's mission as well! So i have talked to the couple over the visitors center and they said that if our two missions go at the same time then i can go find him.. its gonna happen...hopefully!  

Totally with you on the WHOLE conference thing! A lot of it I was like ohhh that woulda been nice a long time ago or dang yesterdays advice today. But it was so good. I didn't get tired either! We watched one session on Saturday and two on Sunday and then the last one on Monday.. kinda spaced out, made it feel long. But i really enjoyed it! I'm glad that Sister Flueren is here to because so much has happened and I KNOW (see what I did there hah) that it is a tender mercy from the Lord. But yes conference was POWERFUL I have never been annoyed when someone else moved or did anything during conference haha but i was so into it and my companion kept moving and i was dying! aahahhh!

Easter was good this year, ya know being a missionary it was probably the best Easter I have had so far. So many powerful lessons happened and a random couple basically just walked in during conference and was like so we are coming to church on Sunday and wanna be baptized....WHAT?!!!!! So my companion and I went and got their information and told them that we would save a spot for them on Sunday and we are going to start teaching them. It was so good especially because we have 1 investigator who we are pretty sure we are dropping so the Lord is totally aware of where we are, our efforts, and what we need!

HA!! I'm dying! Tell Danielle that she is BOMB! hahaha I can't even. And then Lydia's classic line! Sounds like a typical day! Oh and no no I think Lydia was the one keeping me under control cause now I'm here and I'm tryna figure out what is going on with my anger haha.... its fine. Talk about life being fuzzy...

Ah I'm so glad to hear that you are all doing good! I'm glad I'm in England too. It's a little different but its getting better.

Love you so much, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. Thanks for the prayers, there have been nights already that I know were manageable because of those. I'm proud of you and am grateful and honored to have you in my life. Thanks for not letting go of me (: Conference << It got me thinkin! 

What is your address? (: I only have half memorized.. 

I love you, Kori