Sister N. Packer Photo Album


Alpine German-Speaking Mission



Group photo left to right standing, Elder Mason, Sister Mason, Heinsel, me, Sister Smith\Sister Schutze-Koeller, Sister Akiyama.
Crouching left to right: Elder Orchard, Elder Gochner (fun fact, both are 20 yr old!).

Not all these are ones you´d want, but!  Some are fun and I forgot my camera today ;\.  This was yesterday after church (18 Aug 2013) at a member´s home, Sister Schutze-Koeller (in red in group photo).  Our Zone Leaders are also there. 

OCT 17, 2013 Carving Pumkins with Sister Smith and Sister Packer at Bro & Sis Tranum's Home:

Arnold Family from the States and new convert Marja Maija from Finland!  I'll try to send more pics and names with faces :).

Me and the bishops daughter Bella.  THE CUTEST Phillipino kids with British accents.  Whaa?? :)  Mom, you'd die.

The Picard Family (They eat Vegan and Co loves it!)

this picture is of Trachten the traditional Ausrian and German clothing :)

Cool pic of a road up in the hills in Graz!

Sister Clark and I at a well known restaurant that sells BOMB wienerschnitzel

3 elders in our district at the restaurant.  Right to left: Elders Lyons, Curtis, and Abbott (DL)
Vienna District (Elder Smith, Elder Morey district leader, Elder Kingery, Elder Lyons, Sister Garrett, Sister Jenks who opened Lahr!!, Sister Friedrichs and me) sorry the order isn't right because my camera died and I can't look at it.
Sister Friedrichs and I with Suvdmaa

I got this hat after complementing a lady on a bus.  She just handed it to me.  She was an opera singer and so cool.  You never know when paying a complement will grant you what you complemented!

Lahr, Germany
"I live in Disneyland!!"

Sister Brinck and I around the corner to where we live :).

Our district!  Left to right: Sister Brinck, me, Sister Jaynes, Elder Bignall, Sister Bignall (best couple ever!!), Elder Phillips (about to be punched), Elder Christiansen (about to punch), Elder Root (being happily choked), Elder Durrant (probably falling).

1st pic.  Me with President and Sister Miles.  That day of crying.  Last Zone Conference with them. 
2nd.  Threesome Freilahr, Lahrburg!
​3rd.  Ya.  That's where we live.​

first pic is of me and new Golden Sister Hemmi!
the second picture is for you dad.  I thought of you on Father's day and ate a Bit 'O Honey.  I know you eat those a lot :).

we sometimes have adventures and clean our floor rugs :) (Sis Hemmi and Sis Packer)

Sister Hemmi and I....out of breath :).
Two of our investigators Emmanuel and Kenny.  They love the Book of Mormon and are progressing.  In between work....and life.  But progressing!

me and Gabi Benz from the ward who's in the US on the foreign exchange program!
Sister Hemmi and I. The cutie.

Sister Hemmi, on the way to the Train station.

Sister Bawden and I!​
​Us at Mission Leadership Council with the Zone Leaders Elder Allen and Elder Mickelson

Part of our Distrikt (Me, Sister Hemmi, Sister Bignall, Elder Bignall, Elder Samuelson, Elder Jensen)​

Sister Appel coming with us on our last JT with Reiner....not ready yet....but later!​

Sis Smith is a Rockstar!!

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