Monday, August 5, 2013

Duty calls! (SP)

Family and Friends!!

I love being a missionary!!  I feel like it finally clicked for me this week!  Ok I have like zero time.  But two cool analogies:

1.  Revelation is like a colander.  Its available in every meeting to pour down and give you loads.  But if you dont organize your thoughts, or record them, it all comes in, feels good for a minute and leaves.  Organizing and writing it down plugs up the holes!  

Ha!  Wish I could write more, but um just got a call from our Zone Leaders and we have an emergency meeting with a potential investigator!  If she doesn't meet missionaries in the next 8 minutes at the train she gets off, she's leaving.  So fun!  Love you all!  Duty calls!

Sister Nicole Packer

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