Monday, August 26, 2013

Butterfingers! (SP)

Ha the title of this email is Butterfingers because the Relief Society president in our ward went to the US last week and brought back the missionaries Butterfingers!  I have never ever liked them.  Until yesterday.....  Haha maybe I´m losing country pride but the food here is REALLY.  good.  I don´t miss much.  Except home cooking and Crowley tacos!  Oh!  Gpa Crowley, our RS president also bought a bunch of food from Smiths and brought it back to feed us Amercan tacos yesterday haha!  She had bought that green salsa you use for tacos!  I was SO EXCITED!
This week we had such a cool experience!  We had a companion exchange again with a couple sisters and it was my first time navigating by myself here in München!  So crazy!  But I LOVED it.  I love München SO MUCH.  People are so so so nice.  And hilarious.  The coolest people ride the buses and their German backgrounds are so similar to us.  Missionary service sometimes means stalking.  During our exchange, Sister Christiensen and I were riding a bus on our way home.  I had seen a guy before we got on and had the desire to share a thought with him.  I positioned us sneakily close by him on the bus so we could talk to him.  But he moved and sat further up.  Under my breath I said, ´´What the?  Where´s he going?´´  His stop came and although it wasn´t ours, I said to my exchange companion Sister Christiensen, ´´We need to follow him!´´  She got up and we got off the bus.  We went up to him and started a conversation about... I don´t even remember, something random like restaurants or something.  I asked him kinda awkardly if he wanted to feel peace in this life.  The subject changed to finding his address for work.  We asked him where he was going and walked with him.  We got our fake need for directions from him, said thanks, and then parted ways.  He started walking down the street.  One of the weird things is that he´d come to work two hours early.  WHO does that?  I was determined.  So I say to my companion, I want to give him a Book of Mormon and readdressed the opportunity that he had two free hours.  So we pull out a card and run after him.  We yell after him and get talking again.  I was a little hesitant at first until he just said, ´´What?  You want to say what?´´  I puffed up my chest and just started talking about the Book of Mormon.  We really wanted to share it with him.  I promised him that his German would improve if he read it (He was from Bosnia and wanted to improve his German) and that I didn´t know exactly how, but every day he would read, it would just go better.  He asked me, ´´Ya?´´  I said ´´Ya.´´  He was open to it and said sincerely that he really would read.  AHhh so cool!  I know the Lord put it in my heart to be courageous and stalk that guy because I don´t do that every day haha.  But The Lord loves His children and desires their happiness so He´ll provide a way!
One more thing that I´m excited about.
Every conversation is fun because I definitely don´t know every accent or word, but I don´t know all of them in English either.  It´s ever more hilarious and fun when you have to act out what you mean :).  It´s cool to think my communcation and ability to serve God´s children just went up millions of people!  I love it!  Not dreaming in German yet, but its close!
Alles Gut!  Pray, read, ASK ask ask!!
Sister Packer

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