Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"I love a challenge :)" (SP)

Guten Tag family!

     First of all, I want to thank you for your prayers.  I can feel them every day and it's incredible.  I think part of the "time-unrealistically-flying" feeling in the MTC is that there's so much support under you that you really do feel like you're spiritually flying.  And sometimes physically.  I don't hesitate to use that term literally.  The blessings are paramount here and indescribable.  Your prayers are channeling in miraculous ways. 
      I know that obedience opens up that channel to receive those blessings.  I feel that people are probably praying for us all the time but sometimes blessings aren't accessed because we're not obedient.  We know when there's something we know we should be doing, let go of, fix, resolve...etc. and as long as we feel that, something else is withheld from us.  Working as a missionary is like peeling back a layer of the veil one layer short to actually seeing human figures good and bad working with or against us as God's children.  It is so literal the action and consequence as a missionary.  We are on the front lines of the battle field taking perhaps some of the hardest blows because of the work we're doing.  It's of course not just full-time missionaries.  For me, this is the place where I've seen it more literally than at any other time in my life.
     I've learned about Questions this week.  I've known a ton about them, but putting them into direct use for the Lord has been an incredible experience.  We did an activity in class where we were with an investigator and had to teach a certain principle using only questions.  I love a challenge :).  If you want anyone to hear something you want to share that is for their benefit and there's love behind it, ask questions.  ONLY questions.  It was powerful to see what, like in working with people before the mission, what power questions have for people to feel loved and listened to.  Doesn't the Lord answer people's questions with more questions?  I'm going to try that.  Only answer questions with more questions.  A powerful and unselfish way to help someone by empowering them to think and discover it.  
     I also learned about Faith.  I've known and learned about Faith 1 (Action) and Faith 2 (God's Power).  I learned a Faith 3.  It's (Say in your head that you can and you will do it).  When you're in line with the Lord's Will, doing only what you know He'd want you to do.  Haha funny enough, the first thing I practiced this principle on was singing.  I sang in our room and in the community bathroom (where accustics are awesome) and I could just feel Heavenly Father laughing.  I knew that He just WAITS for us to ask.  He very often answers in another question causing us to think.  If we're not willing to, faith stops and more powerful, self-discovery answers are missed. 

Love you all so much!  Bis Spater!

Sister Packer

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