Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Oh, mensch!


Mom and Dad:

     Flight Plans:  We're flying Delta all the way.  **I will be calling to check in while in Detroit.  If our flights are on time, I'll be calling sometime that day.  I could call in Salt Lake, but we're not positive if we'll have time so Detroit was our best bet we were thinking.  I'll have to go through security in Amsterdam which will take more time.  I wish I knew exactly when would be the best so you wouldn't have to have a foggy few hours of waiting.  SOME time for SURE I'll call.  If Salt Lake works out and I call, I'll send angels to help it get through :).  Woot!        
     Family!  Thank you so much for all your prayers and letters!  They've brought me so much comfort and blessings.  Dad.  I LOVED your analogy with the horses.  It really put a lot of things into perspective for me.  Jessie, you remind me so much of myself sometimes ha ha!  And I was going to tell you, I prayed the other day for you because I was feeling the telepathy... maybe I already mentioned it.  But it's still intact!  Hope you're doing well!     
     This week teaching our investigators was wrought with power.  I'm learning how it works.  I'm SO EXCITED to use all these tools when I get home!!  Yes I'm so happy to be here.  Yes I'll be super sad when I leave.  But it's not done after the mission and I've wanted so many of these tools and truths for so long.  Now I'm learning them!!  It's incredible.  I'm so humbled.  Yay for the work of mommies!  You're all doing an incredible job.       
     So many sisters here are unreal.  I know that compared to how many children Father has, we few chose to be here during THIS time.  The work is moving forward and it's because of our mothers.  And stalwart Fathers.  And the work of the Military, Air Force, Army, Navy, and all forms of defense for our country.  
     I know God lives and that Christ is our advocate.  In His name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

              Sister Nicole Packer

This is our district!!  We're divided into two rooms for class but they are the BEST! 
(order from left to right in group pic)  Elder Stout & Elder Bruneel going to Berlin, GE; Sister Kirvinen, Sister Lewis, Sister Packer going to Alpine German-Speaking; Elder Rogers & Elder Bulkley going to Frankfurt, GE.
Elder Rogers is a wiz at Lord of the Rings and knows how to write in Elvish; so genuine and bright.  Elder Bulkley is a ROCK and doesn't say much but is solid in the gospel.  Elder Bulkley and Elder Rogers are in our classroom with us and it is THE FUNNEST.  Brothers :).

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