Monday, September 2, 2013

Clear In Your Relationships (SP)

If this week had a theme, it would be to be clear in your relationships.  There were two days this week that we saw true miracles.  The first was Tuesday.  That morning, Sister Smith and I talked through some issues we´d been feeling.  We were very open, very honest and really SAID what was on our mind.  It took some extra time that sometimes you feel as a missionary you shouldn´t take, but we definitely felt better and clear after addressing it.  And we addressed it the MINUTE it came up.  Then miracles came.  We were on the S-bahn traveling to our District meeting.  Sister Smith´s hair wasn´t really done and I suggested doing it in like a braid or something.  So I start this braid and for reals it was AMAZING.  Jessie, you´ll appreciate this, it was a waterfall braid and rocked.  NEVER done one before.  I know that sounds silly, but in a time of hair crisis, it was a miracle.  We also talked to a girl and it was a great conversation!  We get off the S-bahn and head towards our bus, which was leaving.  The driver was pulling out, pulled back in and we got on.  We wrote him a note of thanks on an Eternal Marriage passalong card.  We got there and although being a half hour late, it wasn´t ready yet!  We later visited a man named Victor who is an Italian and chooses NOT to believe.  I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and he could not look me straight in the eye.  I told him Grandpa Packer´s story about meeting an atheist on a plane and telling him, ``Just because you haven´t tasted of salt, doesn´t mean God doesn´t exist.´´  Our appointment with our investigator Pasquale was INCREDIBLE.  The Spirit has never beent that strong and direct before.  And didn´t just say he would, but that he wanted to come to chuch.  WHAT??  He´s been taught for months and he finally says that!  We met a less active on a U-bahn named Paulina with her nonmember boyfriend and said she wanted us to come over for dinner sometime!  WHAT??  We visited a guy who´s wife is a less active and talked to him for a half hour.  He was so cool and got to experience the missionaries!  We miraculously got a ride home that night from a member when we weren´t sure about our travel time.  We got another referral from her! 
Miracle are real.  They happen when we´re honest and open in our relationships with each other and the Lord.  Although many don´t believe me, I know the church is true and that peace IS here on the earth available.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Sister Packer
Jessie tell me about high school!  I loved your letter! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Jake!!  good luck bro!!
Dad!  I met my second cousin!  Your cousin Richard Smith (Your uncle Ronald´s son) is the dad of Sister Rachel Smith in my district :). Small world.
I love you family!  I share your picture often!

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