Monday, February 2, 2015

I'm still in Notts 2B and I'm loving life (EP)

"150 Dude, and still young!"
Yep, nothing in our ward changed, Elders Tupou, Nogueroles, Winder andPacker are still here.
In Nottingham 4th ward however, there are two new missionaries (Not greenies, just new to the area), Sister Thomson (Morgan,UT) and MY BOY ELDER LINDQUIST! He came straight from Westcotes up into my district! I'm so excited!
This week we've found some awesome people. We have 3 new investigators from Sunday alone and more on the way. Elder Nogueroles and I were on exchange from Thursday to Friday and we got like 5 return appointments on day.
We have finally started teaching our good friend Ola. He is awesome, we'll see him next week at church. He is a great man.
Keep praying for Liz that she will have a soft heart. She and Stephanie are doing fine health wise. They are a miracle.
We have new guy from yesterday named Elijah. Plus another guy named Faith. Both have a specific chapter from the Book of Mormon to read before our next return appointment. Pray that they will both read it and pray about it!
Thanks family/friends.
Today we are going to eat at some chinese buffet in city center so I'm excited. I just made my stomach grumble on demand.
Elder Winder and I stay up talking at night way too much. Blasted spongebob quotes.
Elder Packer

Still in Nottingham...Yeah! (Not sure who everyone is except Elder Winder and Elder Packer on right)

Elder Packer has collected bugs from the time he could walk--no doubt a good find in Nottingham!

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