Monday, February 23, 2015

Zone Conference. No Pictures. P. Rassmussen. (EP)

Another legendary zone conference in my beautfiul city of Leicester. I just love Leicester Zone. I saw Elder Severe which was fun. Oh it was good to see some of those Leicester people, even though it has only been two or three months since I've seen them. Namely Elder Ammon Harris. I love that guy.
On other random news, we had a crazy district meeting followed by an intense game of chair-ball at the Nottingham 4 chapel in Long Eaton. The zone leaders were there so with a combination of Elders Battles, Lindquist, DeBeikes, Alldredge, Winder, Packer, Nogueroles, Tupou and Sisters Pascua and Thomson, we had a battle in that little cultural hall. I was laughing nearly the entire time because of the crazy things that were said and done.
That is what happens when you keep missionaries cooped up too long. We didn't even eat lunch (mostly because we forgot to bring one) because we went straight in for the football (soccer).
The reason I said "No Pictures" in the title was that I don't have my camera today so I cannot show you the pictures from Zone Conference.
Elder Battles nearly broke his foot on Friday night. I received a call from Elder Lindquist saying they were on their way to the hospital. He landed on it wrong while playing volleyball with some investigators. Luckily it wasn't broken, just sprained badly. He should recover soon.
Scott is doing amazing. Sadly, he wasn't able to come to Stake Conference with us, but he was super willing. He just caught the flu beginning on Saturday.
Ola is great. I'm so glad he is taking the lessons. He is such a good man and his family is so perfect. They will love the restored gospel!
President Rasmussen Story:
President Rasmussen is an inspired man. Until now, I haven't really felt like I've had a personal relationship with him. On Saturday night we had the adult session of Stake Conference, President Rasmussen was there and spoke along with Sister Rasmussen. I was on exchange with Elder Lindquist for the day and we came a bit late because of two teaching appointments. We missed the pre-meeting hugs from President Rasmussen. He always goes around and hugs all of the Elders and shakes the hands of all of the Sisters. After the meeting he got out of there pretty quickly so I didn't ever speak to him.
My companion and I went to the bus stop to go home. We were standing there waiting when President drives by out of the parking lot. We wave goodbye to him. Suddenly he pulls over and gets out of the car jogs over to us while shouting, "Elder Packer, you're the only missionary I didn't get a hug from tonight!" He came over gave me a hug. He asked us when the next bus was, luckily it was soon. After a few words he jogged back to his car and drove off. It was pretty cool, I definitely feel like President knows who I am. His words in Zone Conference, Stake Conference and in the District Leader Training meeting that I went too all witnessed to me that he is an inspired man of God.
Elder Alldredge and I are accidentally stalkers:
Pre-miracle explanation: Elder Tupou and I taught a random guy named Paul on a bench two weeks ago. He didn't give us his details but he agreed to meet again.
I also went on a sweet exchange with Elder Alldredge. He taught me a lot. He is one of those missionaries that kind of intimidated me a little bit. This was my second exchange with him and it was legit. He is such a humble guy, he works hard and we had some success teaching lessons together. Oh and while we were on exchange we saw a miracle.
We had a lesson scheduled with this guy named Paul for 11am. He didn't give us an address or phone number so our lesson was scheduled to be on The Bench. I just named it The Bench. It is just an ordinary bench that is next to the river behind our flat complex. He flogged us. We waited 15 minutes. He never showed. We placed a leaflet there with a note in case he showed up later. We left, and did our missionary thing. We came back to the flat for a late lunch at3pm. I walked into the kitchen and looked out the window. Guess what I saw. The Bench. Guess who was sitting on it. Paul.
We are such stalkers.
We went out to meet him. We didn't tell him that we lived close enough to see him from our flat. But we played it like we just happened to meet him there. We taught him a lesson and set up a return appointment:)
-Elder Packer

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