Monday, June 8, 2015

What happened?! (EP)

Dear family and friends,

Greetings from Burton upon Trent!

Here we go. We had some awesome contact with some less-active and part member families this week. Particularly this couple that live about a 30min cycle from us. The first contact we had with them was through a member who asked us to assist in giving a blessing to the wife of the family. She is a member but hasn't been to church for many years. Her husband is hilarious. We gave the blessing, and saw that they were doing some work on their back deck. We offered to help with it, they didn't think we were serious, but when it comes to giving service we are pretty adventurous so we agreed to help before we even knew what we're going to do.

We ended up staining their newly cleaned deck. We did one coat on Thursday but ran out of stain so we went back on Friday morning to finish up. These were probably the warmest days I've had here in England. My arms and neck got sunburnt. My hands have colour!

We need to get a picture with them. We will go back to teach them.
They said we're welcome anytime.

Our good friend Joey has been doing well. He is legendary, we had an awesome lesson with him on Saturday night.  We read Mosiah 27 with him. It taught me a lot to read it with him. We took a lot of thought in planning that lesson and I'm confident that we did what Heavenly Father wanted us to do for that lesson.

- Elder Packer

Sent from my iPad (Note from Mom:  They just got iPads in their mission 2 weeks ago--technology is changing the way missionary work is tracked and can assist in teaching lessons as needed.  Very exciting!!  Also, these pictures count as June 1st letter--I think there might have been a letter that was supposed to come with it as it was entitled "Pictures First"...but you never know with these busy missionaries!)
Obviously a missionary meeting : )
Elder Packer and Elder Boshard working hard!
I believe this is the deck that they stained.

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