Monday, February 17, 2014

Firewood, Stop Smoking, and Rubbish Bins (EP)

Dear Family, Friends, and... Family,

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NATALIE AND ANDI!!! I NEED to see those pictures of Andi with the cake! Natalie I hope you went crazy with a cake too! Send me pictures of you eating your cake as well!

We did more service this week! A brother in the ward got a load of firewood for his wood-burning stove. He needed help moving it into his back garden (people don't really say back yard here). From not being able to do service at all for several months to doing every week is a good improvement.

We're helping two lads stop smoking. They are only 15 and 16yrs old. We have been teaching them pretty consistently and they are progressing! They both want to stop smoking really bad so we introduced the 15 step Stop Smoking Program. They are both doing better, one has basically quit cold turkey and the other is cutting down dramatically. They are awesome guys. Pray for them!

Ok, so the weather has been making life exciting this week. Because of the crazy wind we had on Wednesday everyone's rubbish bins were being blown over. Everyone puts out smaller bins as well for bottles and cans and things and those REALLY got blown all over the place. On the way to a member's home that morning we picked up a bunch of bins for people. People weren't walking around because of the rain and wind. If they didn't want to talk to us we could at least serve them.

The bins usually have the number of the house painted on the side. Some bins must have gotten blown really far because we found a bin with 98 on it. The houses around us were 12-16!? Some poor #98 is missing a bin. 

Elder Ferrell even caught a bin as it was being blown across the street with his foot as he was riding his bike. Doing service with style. It was pretty funny.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day  to all of you couples out there! As you can imagine we didn't do anything for V-Day. But I hope all of you had a good one with your sweetheart (Just to be clear, Lydia, Jessie, Danielle and BreAnne: You should NOT have a sweetheart)!

With Love, 

Elder Jacob Packer

Food has been really good this week. I even made my rice/lettuce stuff look fancy. The lasagna was from a member in the ward. It was Brilliant! If you are wondering if you really see a chocolate smiley face on my baked potato, the answer is yes. Elder Ferrell did it when I wasn't looking.

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