Monday, February 24, 2014

I am working with Sis Haley Green and Sis Natalie Motto! (SP)

We had transfers this last week!  I am staying in Vienna and Sister Clark went to Salzburg as a sister training leader.  I am working with Sister Haley Green and Sister Natalie Motto (went to high school with Sister Motto!).  We've all three already lived together the past two transfers and so combining schedules really wasn't difficult at all.  I love these two with ALL my heart.  There are a lot of laughs and we make decisions fluidly.  I'm excited and grateful to learn from this next transfer with them.  We work over two wards together in a threesome, the International ward Vienna 4th and the Vienna 1st.  We were wondering how this new arrangement would work at first, but there are many benefits already.  Now, both english and german speaking people can be taught by all three of us.  How cool is that??!    It was sort of an emergency plan of action that they took putting us over these two wards.  But we're excited for the challenge and ready to continue forward in the work!  Miracles are already manifesting themselves.
Speaking of miracles.  A really neat one happened this week.  A few weeks ago, I began talking with a man from Nigeria (working in an english-speaking international ward has taught me two things.  One, I love africans, french, and phillipinos, and two, when contacting, look for anyone from africa or asia.  No prejudices here, just using strategy.).  His name is Zacheus.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and scheduled to meet with him again.  The next time we met, he brought two friends of his!  We explained the book to them and when his friends didn't quite understand, he took the liberty to explain what it was.  YOU tell me how many of your friends get to excited about that they turn around and pass it along.  So sweet!!  We met with him again this last week on Saturday.  We met at the train station (which is really nice and part of a mall.)  We began by asking him what he read in the Book of Mormon.  He said he'd flipped to Alma 10 and began reading there.  We were so excited!!  The best was at the end when I asked him to pray.  Yes, yes I KNOW you should set them up to pray in a time and place where they would be comfortable, but I couldn't help but see his faith.  Yes, in public, I asked him to pray the closing prayer.  He was hesitant and I told him he seemed to have such a good relationship with God.  He consented.  He said, ''Let us hold hands.''  So we did.  In our little circle in the middle of public at a table in an eating court.  We bowed our heads and he prayed.  Songs of prayer were sung, a prayer was prayed, and the spirit was SO STRONG.  I've never been so happy to hear a prayer (in public) in my life.  No shame.  We should add little songs in our prayers I decided.  It added a nice touch :).  
The work continues on and hope is strong.  I love this work.  I love the Lord.  This is His work.  He makes it possible.  I love you family.  Thank you for your prayers.  I pray for you too.  I feel them and cherrish them.  Keep the faith!
Sister Packer

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