Monday, February 10, 2014


Dear Everyone,

New record this week of flat tires! Between Elder Ferrell and myself we got 5 flat tires this week! Yesterday I got one right before dinner so we rode home with a bunch of little pit stops along the way. It was a slow leak so I would pump it up as fast as I could then ride as far as I could. When the tire went down again I would stop. Elder Ferrell would come up behind and hand me the pump again. I would pump like mad(crazy), hand Elder Ferrell the pump and get myself hence! It only took 3 pit stops to get home. Even if I did just walk the bike for the last little bit.

After visiting one of our investigators yesterday evening Elder Ferrell got on his bike only to discover his tire was flat. He wasn't even riding it! We had a few more earlier in the week at random times. One of our theories is that this old lady came by and slashed Elder Ferrell's tire. We saw her from a distance and it was night time... suspicious? Very. 

Today we need to buy more patches. Many more patches. On the bright side, we are getting really good at patching tires and doing it fast.

We did service finally! Because it is winter time nobody in the ward has any service for us to do. I guess they think the only service missionaries do is garden work. But luckily our ward mission leader had us help him tear out his old kitchen. It felt good to break some stuff, carry some stuff and to do it wearing non-proselyting clothes!

Other than that though, we had the usual wet, rainy days. Some hail in between and healthy scoop of gale force winds.

Oh and I had a good wreck on my bike on Saturday! It was dark, we were headed up to Talywain. We were on the pavement(sidewalk) alongside a busy road. We were just starting to go down a pretty big hill, Elder Ferrell was already speeding down the hill when I started to gain speed. All of the sudden I flew over my handle bars into the road with my bike. I quickly got up and pulled myself and my bike onto the pavement because cars were coming.
I was so confused! It was as if I hit an invisible curb, I had no idea what I had hit. I looked for whatever it was. It turned out to be a little metal lid that was fully open on it's hinge. The lid was probably only 10" tall when standing up and from the side it was about 3/4" thick. I came at it from the side so I didn't see it at all. As far as I can tell the only damage I did was tear my trousers on the knee. My bike is making weird clanking noises now so I'm worried it damaged that too. And there was a lot of adrenaline when I was in the road. Phew. 

Those are the main noteworthy events of the week... I made cous cous for the first time. I'm not really sure what you're supposed to eat it with, or if you eat it by itself. I ate a bowl of Mediterranean style giant-cous-cous this morning. Who does that? Anybody who knows stuff about cous cous let me know.

It may sound like it, but I'm not complaining about all this stuff. This stuff is what makes life memorable and exciting. The Lord is blessing us with so many things, and he throws in a bit of excitement every once and a while. I love Him for that!

-Elder Packer

that is a bowl of  cous cous. It was pretty good. It has a weird texture though. It's growing on me.

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