Monday, February 3, 2014

We had investigators at Sacrament meeting! (EP)

Dear People,

My testimony has grown about fasting. Fasting is one of those painfully awesome things that makes a huge difference. I noticed it the most when I was studying in the morning. What usually took me 10 minutes to read and take in only took me 5 minutes. I got so much more done and it was so much easier to feel the spirit.
I think I just eat too much in the mornings and it makes me sluggish. OR I simply focus a lot harder on studying because I don't want to think about my hunger. Either way, it opened me eyes to how studying should be. I don't plan on fasting every day but I'm sure I can do something differently with my diet. 

Any suggestions Mama?

Big news! We had 3 investigators at Sacrament meeting yesterday! It was so great! What makes it even better was the fact that they enjoyed it! I was a bit surprised that they enjoyed it because two of our investigators were teenage boys. We avoided telling them how long it was until they showed up (It seemed like the right thing to do at the time). They will be there next week!

The third person we had at church was a relatively new investigator, we've only taught him twice.  We'll call him Steve. He is one of the most logical thinkers I have met and is genuinely interested in the Gospel. He read through most of the Book of Mormon by the second time we taught him. He told us that he had been reading. We then asked him "how much have you read?"
He replied "I'm in the... Book of Mormon I think it's called" (Jaw-drop)

I haven't been more confident that someone will be baptized by their baptismal date than I am with him! Pray for him please!!! Pray that he will get his answer!!!

What amazes me even more is that when we talked to him on the street he was one of the least likely people I would expect to listen to us. Shame on me for judging. I've seen it several times now where the people who are the least likely (in my mind) to go anywhere with the gospel end up being our investigators. 

We need to keep finding investigators. We have a good pool right now but in order to keep it at the size it is at we need to continually being finding new investigators. Pray that we can find some!

I love you all! 

-Elder Jake Packer

P.S. Dad, that is way cool that you lead reindeer! So cool!

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