Monday, March 2, 2015

Mini mission+pictures from last week. (EP)

I actually got a good picture of myself with Elder Winder! He is one of those guys that doesn't cooperate for pictures most of the time, but a miracle happened.

Liz is doing better! She came to church and she is getting to know the members more. She is so cool. Stephanie is just... a baby. Chill, not too fussy. Just a cute baby.

Ola is awesome as well. He came to church, his family is so cool. We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week. If I leave this next transfer I'll be so sad to leave him.

Guess what, the Book of Mormon totally tells us to read the Bible. Mormon 7:8.

(by the way, that is Sister Schollars, Dad and Mom, she is the one from Vancouver.)

Elder Packer and Elder Winder in Nottingham, England

Sister Schollars from Vancouver, WA with Elder Packer (who was born when we lived in Vancouver, WA!)
Hey! Random connection with Vancouver WA

Sister Schollars, a sister in my zone is from Vancouver WA. She is from the Skyview ward and lived in the Battle Creek area... I don't know if you know those places or names. (I don't remember living there at all so help me out)
I thought you might know her family so I got her parents names as well: Shawna and Kevin Soria.
Any of this ringing a bell?
Plus she has relatives that I KNOW living in Lindon. They just happen to be Andre and Brian's next door neighbors. Wierd. She has even met Brian before!

-E. J. P.

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