Monday, November 25, 2013

Gratitude (SP)

Hello Everyone!
Greetings from Munich Germany!  It's been 4 1/2 wonderful months and the Lord has called me to transfer to Vienna, Austria!
I'm so incredibly humbled by this transfer.  I was only one transfer with the wonderful Sister Jaynes here, but the Lord has something different in mind.  I'll be serving with Sister Clark!  Father knew in my heart that I wanted so much to serve in Vienna where my wonderful Uncle Scott served his mission years ago.  I don't know what awaits me there, but I rejoice in the opportunity to continue to learn the Lord's plan for me.  I'm so grateful for a God that is my very own Daddy who likes to give me surprises :).
The things I'm grateful for since Thanksgiving is here.
Occassional Americans that visit church that I can talk with and feel that home really isn't so far away :).
Conference talks playing in the morning while I exercise or get ready.
Prayer.  In all forms.  There's no such thing as a wrong or stupid prayer :).  If there was, I'd be the author of them all.
Wonderful scenery that reminds me that the Lord loves us.  He did it all for me :).  
An electric piano in our apartment, that I'm now leaving... (MOM!  I can play HYMNS!! I played once in church and a couple times in meetings!! :D)
Missionaries who work hard to bring the world His truth.  They inspire me to be better.
People that reject us.  My testimony grows.
People that accept us.  They feel the presence of God in their life and my soul is filled with joy for them.
An Uncle who served in Vienna where I'm going!
A family that prays for me.  Many people don't have that.  Yet :).
The hope of God's Light and Love.
Nephi.  Moroni.  MORMON.  Alma.  The Sons of Helaman.  Abinadi.  Paul.  
Joseph Smith.  My life is filled with Hope and the truth the Book of Mormon contains.
The members of the Munich 3rd Ward.  They are strong and given a challenge greater than I could imagine.  But they make it with flying colors :).
People that cling to truth and right no matter what religion they are.  It's a step.
My companions so far: Sister Kirvinen, Sister Lewis, Sister Smith, Sister Jaynes, and soon Sister Clark!  Bless their hearts because they had ME as a companion!
President and Sister Miles who lead with inspiration and faith the Alpine German-Speaking Mission.
Announcements from cousins that are getting married in the temple!  (Yay Kara and Kylee!)
Moments that make me laugh so hard, my sides hurt.  
Joy in a foreign land and foreign people.  But sometimes not so foreign :).  I found my best friends across the world speaking German.

I'm so grateful for the gospel.  It's true and I'm grateful to share it.
With Love and Hope!
Sister Nicole Packer

I feel that pictures speak louder than words so I attached a BUNCH.  

I've not been good at sending pictures, but here's a couple :).  These two families are a couple of my favorite that I got to meet.  I'll miss them

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