Monday, November 18, 2013

Miracles and Love (SP)

I learned a lot this week.  And it's a beautiful thing to finally come into the clearing of an unfamiliar forrest and to look back over the hill and see that through it all, I just kept walking and came a looong way.  Standing in the clearing and looking back on how far I walked, I'm amazed.  And I'm grateful.  I walked farther than I thought I could (kinda like every day walking here).  I was growing in strength without even noticing. 

I also learned that there will always be little things that could stop me from remembering my purpose here.  Always.  But I don't have to let them in because I have prayer, and I have the Atonement that helps me learn and move past old ways and weaknesses, which weaknesses I wouldn't trade the world for.  I'm so grateful for the time it takes for me find empathy for those I'll meet who'll be going through the same situation someday. 
Miracles this week.
A mom just walked into church last week.  No one knew her, or had seen her.  It turns out, she was in Italy and her and her family met a cool tour guide.  They exchanged emails and he sent her an email saying hey I'm a member of this group ( you should check it out.  She looked up the church, was impressed and after coming home, found a chapel, watched General Conference broadcasted and loved it.  Then she shows up in our ward :).  She came again yesterday with her two kids.  She already feels like a member.  It took one friendly tour guide, one link sent!  Heavenly Father is so cool!  Anyone can do that!  Whether people act on it isn't our agency, but Father WILL lead us to those that we can feel inspired to invite.  And it's natural! 
I love this work.  My eyes have never been so open to the worth of souls or the reality of God's plan.  He lives and loves us!  The Book of Mormon is the COOLEST book on this earth!  I love being a missionary!
With Love and so much gratitude to my Father in Heaven, who, when asked, sent me so much love from my family and friends,
Sister Nicole Packer
Keep the Faith!  Don't give up!  Trust in God!

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