Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! (EP)

Dear Everybody,
So I just realized that thanksgiving is coming up! They don't celebrate it over here so it was the last thing on my mind. So Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! I knew I was missing something.
So Family, I hear you've had a pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving feast. How was it? I won't tell you what I had for my feast because you'll be jealous... Just kidding, its only lunch time here so I haven't even had supper. But I will tell you that I've had a few wonderful meals so far in the UK! Shepherds pie, Scottish pie (apparently they are different because of the meat), a proper roast with roasties (roasted potatos), ratatoullie, spaghetti bolognese, fish and chips, curry and one family even made had Costa Vida style burritos for us!  Oh and a whole bunch of puddings! Usually a pie or crumble with custard on top and icecream or clotted cream on the side. Sometimes a trifle. Oh man, so good. I have noticed that some of the meals don't have as much seasoning as what I'm used to at home, but its still WONDERFUL!
Now don't think I'm eating like that each day. This is just a list comprising the last couple of months I've been here in Newport. We get around two dinner appointments a week. Can't complain:)
Then there is one guy in our ward named Jeff that takes us out to eat in a buffet called Peechy Keens every few weeks. Yes I have gained weight. Not too much though:)
We've picked up a few new investigators this week. A really cool guy with his two daughters. Elder Eppel has been pretty sick as well so we've had to stay indoors for a few days.  So I've had lots of time to do stuff around the flat.
Is all of the Christmas stuff up where you're at right now? It was up in all of the stores as soon as Bonfire Night was over! Bonfire night is on November 5th. (Basically everybody spends the whole evening shooting off tons of fireworks. We've been hearing a fireworks nearly everyday this month! Even if it is just a few of them. People must just have a lot of extra or something.
Oh man it's gotten a lot colder this week! Gratefully it hasn't rained much. But when there are clear skies it means it is extra cold because we don't have the insulation from the cloud cover. We just try to stay in the sunshine and out of the wind.
Thanks for the emails everybody! Don't be shy about sending pictures too:)
Elder Jacob Packer

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