Monday, November 4, 2013

Roadshow (EP)

Dear Family,
So basically one cool thing we did was a roadshow. Let me explain. Each ward in the Cardiff Stake put together a 10min show/play/scene to perform.  The director in our ward had the 4 missionaries in the ward play the part of minions. Lets just say we all had hannah montana wigs on. as part of it. I'll send pictures later:)
It was really fun, very clever and I'm pretty sure our ward won. Even if it wasn't a competition. The reason we were apart of it was because it was a great opportunity to get to know the members and work with them. And we definately did that throughout the process.

Yeah, sorry for the two emails. I sent the first half without finishing the email. Anyway.
For Halloween we had to be in by 6pm due to the crazy people with fireworks all around. It's really not too bad, I guess the mission president doesn't want us walking around talking to strangers in the dark on Halloween.
Yes, It is dark by 6pm. In fact its dark by about 5 now! Not even joking! Maybe I've just never realized how soon it gets dark at home in Utah before but when you need to the light to speak to people safely it's pretty noticeable. How soon is it getting dark at home? Is there snow yet?
Elder Eppel and I hopefully have two people getting baptized on Nov 30th! It may actually end up being the 7th of December because November 30th is Stake Conference and we wouldn't be able to confirm them in a sacrament meeting on until the Dec 8th anyway.
Let me know how the new Washer and Dryer are! I think a dryer would be really useful here. I'm not complaining or anything but everything just stays wet... Yeah, we use the radiators a lot to dry our clothes:) Mission life.
I told Danielle this already but I had Ratatoulli (if thats how you spell it). Is that cool or what!? I didn't even know what it was until after we had finished supper. But they said ratatoulli and I freaked out a little bit on the inside!
sorry this is short, and sparatic. Thats mission life sometimes.
Elder Jacob Packer
(Natalie/Christian: Those pictures of Andi are the GREATEST!! Haha I love them:) Happy Halloween!)

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