Monday, November 11, 2013

Moment of silence. (EP)

Ok so yesterday (10 Nov) was Remembrance Day here in Wales. In Church we stood and had a moment of silence. It was a very reverant experience and I'm glad I was there for it.
What I was NOT told though is that they have a moment of silence the after as well. So here is what happened.
Elder Eppel and I went into a pharmacy/makeup store because we had to pick up some medecine. So as you can imagine there are lots of women bustling about looking at makeup. And some nice music playing in the background. We walk right to the back where the pharmacy desk is. After talking to the pharmacist he goes into the back to do something. I stop and wait. I turn back to my companion who is standing there quietly like he does. I start to talk to him. (I hadn't noticed to that the music stopped). He mouths something to me. I was very confused. "What?" I say. He just shakes his head. "I don't understand." I insist. He mouths something to me. I don't get it. FINALLY tells me in a quiet voice "moment of silence". 
I look around. Everything is dead quiet. All of the ladies in the store are like statues standing there.
"OOOHHH..." I thought.
I enjoyed the rest of that moment in silence and reflection.
I gave Elder Eppel a hard time about not just telling me in the first place. But its all good. Something to laugh about:) Now I know.
Elder Jacob Packer

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