Monday, May 26, 2014

It is Westcotes not West Coast (EP)

Dear everybody,

Happy Memorial Day for everybody in the USA!

Sorry about the mix up, the area I've been transferred to is called Westcotes A in the Westcotes Ward in the Leicester England Stake. I guess it was a case of bad reception between the zone leaders and the district leaders on dodge night.

So now I'm here in a big city with a university and TONS of people! I'm SO excited! It is the complete opposite of Cwmbran. (By the way, Elder Jones is still in Cwmbran with Elder Shipp). My new companion is Elder Shaw from South Africa. My second companion from South Africa. AWESOME. His accent is way stronger than Elder Eppel's was. Now I know what a proper South African accent sounds like.

I'm training again! kind of... it is a weird situation, I'm half training him. He has only been out for 1 transfer. A new missionary gets trained for two transfers (12 weeks), usually by the same trainer. But in this case Elder Shaw has two trainers, his first trainer went to another area for some reason. 

I live in an apartment building in city-center. We don't even live in our area. We have to travel to get to our area every day. It is only a 5 or 10 minute cycle to get into our area. I'm supposedly the senior companion but I have no clue where anything is or who any of the people we are teaching are. Elder Shaw is getting some serious Senior-Week training right now. (Senior week is a nickname for a week when the greenie takes over all of the teaching/planning situations for a whole week).

Haha, I'm so lost right now. It is awesome. Adventures! 

Natalie! So guess what, I'm in a district with Sister Roscher who was in the Colony ward at BYU with you. Ring a Bell?

My bike is a little bit sad right now. The bottom bracket, which is a metal thing that is inside the bike where the pedals connect to each other, is destroyed. It broke on my second to last day in Cwmbran. The final blow (I had lots of bike troubles there). I've been riding on it anyway for this last week and it isn't good. I'm getting it fixed on wednesday. Until then... I just pray it lasts. :)

England is way different than Wales. Oh I played football (Soccer) with some of the ward members. I am not as good at football as I thought. I didn't have any boots (cleets) and neither did Elder Shaw. A member had one pair of trainers. Elder Shaw and I each took one of them and wore a regular tennis shoe on the other foot. ("No grip no grip no grip. Less paw, more pad"-name the movie). It worked surprisingly well.

I love you all!

Elder Jacob Packer 


One of them is of me and Elder Jones. It is sad to see the last day of our companionship. My boy is growing up... wipe a tear. 

Another is of Elder Shaw eating a pizza. I'll get a better picture of him later.

The one of Elder Jones is on a bike path that we took nearly every day. I know it well.

One is of me and Elder Battles. He was my first district leader and has been my zone leader ever since then. He practically raised me (so he says). 

The building has no significance. I just wanted to get some sort of picture of the city I'm in now. I'll get better pictures later. 

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