Monday, March 16, 2015

I was kidnapped. (Kind of...) (EP)

I've been moved to Burton-Upon-Trent. Aka Burton.

Burton is a city in the Lichfield Zone. I've never been in or around this zone before so it is new territory for me. We are in a District with Cannock. I'm not sure why, the locations are a bit strange to be grouped together, but I'm glad to be here! I'm pumped to white wash this area with my new companion ELDER HAYDEN HUFF from Pocatello, Idaho. (Please refer to the picture where we are sitting in a posh waiting room together.)

We are the only team in this ward. There used to be two but Burton B closed down for the time being.  We just lost a massive group at transfers so it will take a couple transfers to stock up enough missionaries to re-open all of the areas that closed down.

Our flat is nice, it was just messy when we arrived. Loads of confetti... the things missionaries do before they go home. 

Our Bishop is solid. This entire ward seems solid and well organised. It is beautiful. The only thing we are here to do is bring new people in and bring some less-actives back while we do it. This ward deserves some intense success. Prayers will be needed 100% of the time.

Burton is a nice place. It is pretty compact as well, so we don't have to travel crazy far to get to the main parts of our area. It is nice not having to worry about area boundaries.

Oh and we got kidnapped!

It was on Thursday. We had arrived at the Lichfield Bus station and we were looking for the bus stop that would take us to Cannock for district meeting. I was reading a sign when someone, a man, middle-aged looking, tapped me on the shoulder and beckoned me to follow him. He didn't say anything, just acted like he was in a rush. I had no idea who he was. 

I looked over at Elder Huff. Elder Huff's face showed that he recognized the guy (so at least I know he is a friendly), but he still looked very confused as to why this man was there. (Elder Huff has been in this zone for a while so I automatically assumed he might know who he was). He was in a suit and he had a missionary badge (which I didn't get a chance to read).

He proceeded to get into the drivers seat of his car which was still running. He looked up and saw that I hadn't moved. I just stared at him expecting some sort of... explanation? Is that the right word? He started waving me over mouthing the words "get in." through the closed window.

Confused, I slowly walked over to him while he rolled down his window. I assumed he was there to pick us up for district meeting, but we hadn't arranged a lift. (I've been in this area for less than 24 hours!) I stood a few feet from his window. I asked "Where will you take us?". 

"To your district meeting." He responded, as if I should have known all along. I could tell I was frustrating him just by asking. "Ok I said". We got in the car, slowly. I looked at Elder Huff. I was convinced that Elder Balzen, one of the Cannock missionaries had arranged this lift for us with this senior missionary. We started going to district meeting.

I sat in the passenger seat. Elder Huff sat in the back. I read his name badge. "Elder Rooney" I said, "It is good to meet you."... a moment passed. "Did Elder Balzen speak to you?" I asked. 

"Who is that?" he asked while shaking his head. he was focused on the road. 

Yellow Flag (Not quite red yet).

"Elder Balzen" I repeated, thinking he misheard me. 

"I've never heard of him. Who is he?" He said.

Red flag.

Ok. I know we are in the wrong place by this point. Elder Huff was totally silent in the back so I just kept going.

"Are you taking us to Cannock?" I asked, trying to fish out an explanation.

"No," He explained, "we are going to the Lichfield chapel".

"Well, we are planning on going to Cannock for our district meeting." I responded.

Now he looked confused. "You're [the missionaries in] Tamworth aren't you?".

Now we're getting somewhere. 

"Nope. We are Burton.". I said. 

"Oh" he said... "That is why you looked so confused."

We explained that we were planning catching a bus at the Lichfield station. He took us back to the bus station where he looked around for another team of elders. 

The little joy ride lasted altogether about 5 minutes. He apologized a bunch and called his wife saying something about not finding the missionaries... As we rode our bus out of the station we saw two confused Elders run over to brother Rooney's car.

He was just going to a different district meeting. It will be fun to see him at Zone Meeting next month.

-Elder Packer

Elder Hayden Huff from Pocatello, ID sitting in a posh waiting room with Elder Packer (Burton-Upon-Trent)

Cleaning up the apartment decor left by the previous missionaries (Burton-Upon-Trent)

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  1. Hi Leslie, I assume you are Elder Packers mom. I am Elder Huff's mom. I noticed this blog and figured that it belonged to the Elder my son was serving with. When I read your entry today and saw the picure of my son, it made me smile.
    my email is Hayden also has a blog,