Monday, March 30, 2015

Long flight..AND we went to Groombridge place! (SH)

Hey! How are you all doing?! Thank you so much for your letter! I got it in the MTC but it has been really good to read out here.
We left Utah at 10:05am on Tuesday and got to London at 9am on Wednesday...Long flight.. But I did make it hah. It is good, I'm actually having a really hard time adjusting.. It has rained like every day and its freezing and there is no sun but the work is good! Elder and Sister Pinegar, the people over the visitors center, called me in and offered to give me a blessing. They said that they can tell that I'm having a hard time. It was a good blessing and then today the sun came out and its been warm AND we went to Groombridge place! It is so pretty there!!!
So cool thing here, my companion is Sister Catogni and she is from France. I told her about Jessie and she said that she will write her in french! But another cool thing is that my last MTC companion (Sister Catogni is my 4th already..) But the mtc companion I had is in the same flat as me. so we are not companions but we are still together a lot which i know is a tender mercy from the Lord. But she is Sister Fleuren and shes from Germany and she said she will write Nicole hah she is from the west, the Frankfurt mission is where she lives. She says its 30 minutes away from the Netherlands.

And then we are serving in East Grinstead at the visitors center with Sister Lammintaus from Finland, Sister Rosenkilde from Denmark and Sister Engelbrektsson from Sweden! So I'm the only American and my companion kinda doesn't really like us but thats okay.
Hah jetlag is kinda killin me and it doesnt help with my emotions at all! Hopefully this next week ill feel a little more comfortable here, sunday was a hard day but things are getting better. One of the senior couples told me that when im having a bad day to look at the sky and find one patch of blue and if i can find that, it will be a good day in the end. So i think imma work on that.
But I'm loving it regardless! The work is good! I have never learned so much in my life! Kinda crazy! Ah I love you all so much! Tell everyone I say hi and tell Bre that I loved her email and that she is amazing! And i miss her cooking! I totally would have invested.
OHHHHH!!!! Also in June Elder Holland is coming to speak and ALL the missionaries in the England mission go to hear him and I got told that I can go find Jake!!! I just about died! So I'm freaking out about June! Also we will be getting i pads on April 29th so thats cool i guess. Email from home in pjs on pday!
Anyways I love you lots and it is really good to hear from you! Thanks for the email addresses!

Pictures of Groombridge Place (the Packer Ancestral home of John Packer where Kira Knightly's version of "Pride and Prejudice" was filmed--the home was the main Bennett family lived!  These are on the grounds of the home.)

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