Monday, March 9, 2015

Nottingham Castle and 3 exchanges and Elder Wright (DEAN) (EP)


First of all, I went to the Nottingham Castle and took pictures by the classic Robin Hood statue etc. It was pretty cool. The view from the balcony is incredible. I can see the beginning of Leicester from there (at least that is what I think I saw)!

Nextly, I did go on three awesome exchanges this week. I went with Elder Lindquist on Wednesday so that I could do a baptismal interview for an investigator. I saw a member of the Westcotes ward there, Brother Jarrom. He works at the University of Nottingham where we were working. He was super generous and bought us lunch.

The second exchange happened after zone meeting, I went with Elder Tupou and Elder Dean Wright. Let me explain about Dean Wright!

Dean Wright has been a mini missionary this week. Doing everything with us. He even stayed in our flat. He did the first half of the week with Elder Nogueroles and Elder Tupou in their house, then the second half with Elder Winder and myself in our flat.

That exchange went well. We sang loads of songs while we were walking and made some people happy. 

The next day we did some service with Brother and Sister Hall, the day was beautiful so the gardening was a pleasure. (Mom I forgot to take my medicine so it was an interesting day from the start!)

That afternoon I went with Elder Nogueroles and Elder Wright in my area. Thus began the third exchange. We went to a DA and taught a lesson. The next day we did some killer finding in Broxtowe with Dean. He is a beast at finding. People like talking to him, and then he relates super well because he is English! They just seem to trust him.

That evening we exchanged again at a baptism for the person I interviewed. Stacey! She is so great, and she is so converted. After the interview I thought to myself, "I want my investigators to be as prepared as she is for their baptism". That night we ate McDonalds and I was finally back with Elder Winder and Elder Wright. That was Saturday. That night, before bed, we had a semi-massive rubber band war and nearly lost an eye.

On Sunday we went to church. Ola and Scott came! Oh man, we had a great lesson with Ola, I'm totally going to give him a hug before I leave, that is.. If I leave. DUN DUN DUN! Dodge night is tonight and I'm not sure if I'm leaving. It is a fifty-fifty chance. We'll see.

Ola's lesson was great. Scott is doing amazingly. He is set for baptism on the 28th.

It was a party week. So much fun. So much random adventure which was very interesting. I love being a missionary!

-Elder Packer

Nottingham Castle, Nottingham England

Robin Hood Statue in Nottingham, England

Not sure about the hair--but a typical way to feast amongst Robin Hood's Merry Men!

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