Friday, March 6, 2015

MTC = My True Conversion!!! Literally! (SH) FIRST LETTER FROM SIS KORI HANSEN!

First off... STAIRS! Holy cow! Our classroom..5th floor, our residence..3rd floor, food..2nd floor, health stuff..3rd floor. Lets just say that if my calves are at least twice as big in 3 weeks I am going to be a little disappointed. Also I am that one sister that just happens to get sick right when I come here! Its been fun! Its amazing though because it doesn't affect studying or learning or... waking up at6:30 at all! 

My companion is Sister Nelson, she is so amazing! She is from Idaho and is going to the Chicago mission! How cool right?! We have also just been assigned to be the Sister Training Leaders! I'm not exactly sure what it all means but I'm excited to learn more about it aside from the basic instruction that we've been given! There are 8 of us in our district, four Sisters and four Elders. The Sisters Sister Nelson, Sister Athay, Sister Bell and myself and the Elders are, Elder Campbell who is also the district leader, Elder Mckniel and Elder Howard who are the zone leaders and Elder Obrey! They are so amazing! I come to love each of them more and more every day and its totally cool to see how much I learn from every single one of them! AMAZING!!!

The first day was so so good! We kinda just jumped right into stuff but it was incredible how much of it made sense even though it was completely new! We had a huge welcome devotional thingy the day we got here and the spirit was so strong! WOW! We sang EVERY person sang their hearts out! The spirit was so strong! We also did a thing called Meeting the investigators! We had huge groups of missionaries go into a room with an investigator and first a set of Elders would start to teach and then it would open up for the rest of us to ask questions, comment, teach by the spirit!! So powerful! 

Yesterday we had our first "normal" day of classes. We met the investigators that we will be teaching for most likely the rest of the time that we are here. We learned about the Plan, Study, Teach cycle! Then we did personal study and companionship study. We are teaching two investigators! Zach and Saidie! They are both so amazing! We have only gotten the opportunity to teach Zach but the day is not over! But first thing is yesterday it was our time to teach and so they told us to leave the classroom but didn't tell Sister Nelson and I where to go... So we kinda just walked into a random room to see where we were supposed to go and it just so happened.... to us.... of course that it was the room he was in and so it was like walking into his home and it was embarrassing and he was like are you the Sisters haha No..... But on the bright side we got to teach him today and we knocked first!! We taught Zach about Prayer and God's love for us. Zach was talking about how he didn't feel like him and God were in a good place and he didn't really know if he believed in a God. Sister Nelson and I totally started tearing up when he said he felt that way, we bore our testimonies and left him with an invitation to pray and ask if Heavenly Father is there. We left with a hope that something inside of him was touched. Amazing guy though, really! 

Learning by the spirit!! Holy arahadhfkasdhgdfa!!!! I can't even begin to explain it! It is almost scary how much we learn and grown within ONE day here. If I wasn't a missionary I don't think I'd be able to handle all of if but the spirit makes it possible! We teach in class every day and study beforehand by ourselves and with our companions and stuff comes to mind that I've never even heard of! For example thinking of things to teach Zach and about prayer and stuff, I had no idea about the mosaic law and it came to mind and all the ways that we could use it to teach and everything! The spirit truly works with us if we ask! The more we ask for the harder we work! Exact obedience comes with that as well. As we strive to stay exactly obedient we have seen miracles EVERY SINGLE DAY!! (hahah day 3...) I can't wait for what is to come!  

Love you all!! -Sister Hansen

I love you all so much! I miss ya all too but.. MTC is amazing and I kinda wanna be here for more than 3 weeks but its cool! I just wanna bear my testimony to you guys that I know that this gospel is true. I know that Jesus Christ knows exactly what we are going through and exactly how to succor us. If we turn to him with everything we are he will in return prepare us for everything that we can become! I know that He lives and loves us all so much! He sees all of us as we dressed in white waiting to come back. I love Him and love you all and I leave these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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