Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter! Mom, thanks for the egg! (EP)

Dear People,

First of all, Mamma, thanks for the Welsh Dragon Egg! I just showed all of the Elders here in the chapel! They approve. We are emailing in the chapel because the library is closed today.

Best news of the week, our recent convert received the priesthood. It was such a privilege to be apart of the ordination. We had wonderful sunday, including a dinner appointment. Awesome! A proper roast dinner with lamb and chicken and a bunch of vegetables, potatoes and gravy. Followed by a Easter cake with custard. Its kind of weird because I lost a kilogram in weight since yesterday. Go figure.

This week has been kind of a weird for me. I've done tons of pondering/reflection this week and I have a lot of stuff to work on this next transfer. Elder Jones is doing great, despite a crazy/impatient/rubberband loving trainer. I've decided that I need to put less focus on what Elder Jones is doing. In fact, I just need to completely forget about him (in the best way possible) and focus on myself. If I can be the best missionary I can be he will follow my example... I hope. :)

There isn't too much to report, except our whole zone changed! Transfers were nuts! Elder Jones and myself plus one other team are the only teams in the whole zone that didn't change. Zone meeting will be awesome. I've been in this zone for my whole mission. I've been in this district for my whole mission so far. Its cool, I love Cwmbran District!

We each got this giant chocolate egg from Elder Jones' grandma. Snap. It is good. I'm not finished with it yet because it is massive.

Sadly I don't have much time because the other missionaries still need time on this computer so I'll have to leave some responses until next week.

Advice: Keep re-listening too conference! While cleaning the kitchen, exercising anything. Just keep those words coming into your head and they will stick!

-Elder Packer

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