Monday, April 14, 2014

That Book! (EP) (SP)

Ok, I've only got a moment email this but I needed to let you know.

I went back and read those chunks of the book by Clayton M. Christensen. HOLY COW. LIGHT BULB. I guess it was the right time for those things to apply to me because I got sucked into reading them and I have read them may times since. The stuff in there is brilliant! I read it to Elder Jones and we immediately applied it to one of our investigators (Reading the book of mormon and then praying about it and writing down their answers). 

Then, the coolest part!! Don't tell anybody this but President Rasmussen came out with some new training for us. Guess what it was... go ahead guess. OK, it was pretty much step by step what it says in that book!

I'll tell you more about it later!

I love you mom!


**********  Note of explanation about this email: 

     Before Jake left on his mission, we were given the book "The Power of Everyday Missionaries: The What and How of Sharing the Gospel" by Clayton M Christensen.  It came at just the right time by a special friend as an answer to prayer.  Every missionary has mission jitters and Jake had one in particular that I felt needed to be answered, but didn't know what to say.  My friend actually answered the exact question as we talked briefly the day before Jake was to fly to England!  The answer was written on the first few pages of this book.  I was blown away and grateful that Father wanted to make sure Jake felt confident before he stepped on that plane (and sent my friend as the angel messenger).  
     Jake only had a few minutes (literally) to look at it (and couldn't read it because he was packing).  I read to him the first part, but that is all we got through. The thought came to type up a few chapters that related to how missionaries could help investigators overcome obstacles in reading the Book of Mormon, saying prayers, and going to Church and send them to Jake and Nicole.  Apparently those emails were supposed to be read by Jake at this point in his typing wasn't in vain!  
     I have never read a more powerful book that simplifies missionary work for members and missionaries alike.  I wanted to send the books with my 2 missionaries, but wanted to obey the mission rules more.  Apparently more and more of this information is being used from what Jake said in this short letter he sent to me.  
     Funny "coincident" that this letter came the same week our family went to General Conference.  My son-in-law Christian said that Bro. Christensen was sitting 3 rows behind us!!  I just about smacked him for not telling me!!  I am definitely a HUGE fan.  I was disappointed that we didn't meet him, but then, going into the parking lot, who is leaning against Christian's car?  BRO. CHRISTENSEN!!  What are the chances????  Not very graceful to run in a dress, but run we did and I had a chance to talk to him, shake his and his wife's hands, give some suggestions to add family history information on convert retention in his next book, and of course, get a picture!  He is one of my heroes and thank goodness he has written a book that has the capacity to take all fear out of missionary work.  I highly suggest everyone read it--it will change your life.
                                                                                                                 --Leslie (Mom)
We ran fast enough to get a picture with Bro Christensen--Christian's car is on the right : )! (April 6, 2014)

Bro Clayton and Sis Christine Christensen after April Conference 2014

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