Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I loved Easter here. (SP)

Ok.  I'm dying.  You are all SO DANG cute I'm DYING.
Well, first, hey!  I'm not dead.  We changed our p-day to Wednesday because Monday was a holiday and pretty much everything is closed. 
Jessie, write me something.  Haha I miss your humor.
Bre and Danielle, ah man, give each other..just..this GREAT great big hug and pretend it's me.  I miss ya both.  I'm excited to see you on Mother's Day :).  That came too fast!!

Mom.  The eggs.  THE CUTEST things ever.  I'm so so SO impressed.  All the German was good :).  Haha love it love it love it!  Thank you for your letter.  You are busy just like you should be with preaching the gospel to your kids. 
Nat and Christian and Andi.  OH my BEANS she's so big.  She was THREE months old when I left!!  What the heck!?  Haha Cutie patooty.
Dad, thanks for your letters.  Aaawwwwww all the cutie little ducks!  I thought a lot about the Atonement too.  I'm so grateful for a source TO look for no matter where we are of someone who truly does have a knowledge of the blueprint of our souls.  And that is Jesus Christ.  I never knew how grateful I would be for the knowledge I have of a Savior and Redeemer. 
I loved Easter here.  Church was amazing and filled me with the Spirit so much.  Can I just say I love German??  I love this language SO MUCH.  It's so beautiful.  Ya, German is not all gutteral nasty like people think it is.  I'll prove anyone wrong when I come home. 

HOLY FETCHING HECK JEFF PACKER IS MARRIED??!  Would someone tell met these things??!  He's gettin a whippin.  Haha glad to know he finally found the one worthy of him.
Mya is SO CUUUUUUUUUUTE.  Ah, cutie cutie.  Thanks for the pictures :) :).

Now for this week.  We met a lady this week on a bus with her son.  She told us that she was having a hard time getting over the death of her father.  We told her about the plan that God created for us and she agreed to let us come over.  After offering her a Book of Mormon, she said, ''Oh!  I already have that book!''  We went over yesterday and she dug through her shelf and pulled out a Book of Mormon that she'd been given by a member neighbor a YEAR ago! We have no idea who it was.  She'd only read a little bit but as we taught, she listened intently.  As she explained her family situation, she struggled through her emotions.  She explained some things she'd heard about where our souls go after we die and her heart was hurting.  We assured her that our souls don't die, only our bodies for now, and that it was possible for her to see her father and her grandparents again.  Her eyes filled with tears as we humbly gave our testimonies and the Spirit filled the room.  She agreed to read in the Book of Mormon and to pray.  Her prayer at the end was so sweet and although she didn't close in the name of Christ, her smile warmed our hearts and we hugged her tightly before we left.  She was a miracle find.  After that appointment, we went over to Rheiner's.  He's been investigating for some time and last night was my second time meeting him.  He's very religious and we showed him the first vistion film.  It was powerful and he was asking questions about all sorts of details.  It fills my heart with joy when they start asking the little detail questions that don't really matter.  It means they felt the Spirit and they're not sure what to do with that feeling.  I love it.  Progress is made!  We committed him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and to read in the Book of Mormon.  He agreed.  ALLLL of those questions depend on whether Joseph Smith WAS a prophet.  If yes, all of it falls into place.  If not, you can't be truly converted.  Haha I also assured that we don't worship him by any means.  We just stress the fact that we need to ASK to know if he was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  He was giddy by the end of the lesson even though he was still honest in his suspicions that he had and sent us home with organic apples.  Sweetie!
Thank you all for your prayers!!  I can feel them ALL the time.  Sometimes my companion or myself will say something like, ''Man, I just got this huge energy burst!  Where did that come from?''  I know it's prayers.  In case anyone isn't sure if praying for people works, it DOES.  I've felt the witness of the Spirit tell me and have felt the miraculous strength that comes at times when I've needed it most. 
I love you all so much!  Hey!  I had a thought!  I think it would be cool if you tried to do an FHE lesson from Preach My Gospel.  It's all set up for you to do! 
Sister Co Packer

Sister Brinck and I around the corner to where we live :).
Our district!  Left to right: Sister Brinck, me, Sister Jaynes, Elder Bignall, Sister Bignall (best couple ever!!), Elder Phillips (about to be punched), Elder Christiansen (about to punch), Elder Root (being happily choked), Elder Durrant (probably falling).
Sister Packer in Lahr Schwartzwald, Germany :).

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