Monday, April 7, 2014

I officially live in Disneyland! (SP)

HOLY COW.  Not just from the most delicious milk of my life, but I have officially moved to Disneyland.  This little village is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I'VE EVER SEEN.  It is a dream here.  And the people are SO NICE.  I've also never slept better my whole mission.  I don't know if it's the difference in matress or flannel for sheet covers, or the fresh air, but SOMEthing has put my poor little body finally to nights' rests and I've not woken up ONCE since sleeping here.  It's been such a wonderful blessing haha.  I came here and for the first couple days and even now could not contain a resounding peace that reached every part of my body.  Vienna and Munich are both AMAZING cities and SO INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL but the fast pace, muggy air, and lack of greenery were getting to me (though I was in Vienna for only winter season and saw ZERO greenery besides little patches of grass).  I have officially decided that this city is a place that I could live in if I ever did move to Europe.  Family, I plan on taking you here at some point.
Sister Brinck and I are having a blast.  Conference was AMAAAAAAAAZING.  HOLY cow.  I could not help but pour over my notebook and just write for some of those talks.  I also didn't get to see the Sunday afternoon session so just watched grandpa's talk.  Tear jerker and so tender.  I'm so grateful to not only represent the name of our Savior Jesus Christ on my badge but also the name of my beloved Grandpa Packer who has inspired me in more ways than I could even tell.  I love him and my dear Grandma Packer so very much and for their service in the church. 
I just had a thought and realized that anyone who really reads this whole email besides my parents hopefully siblings haha are champs.  I know that missionaries gush over their missions and no one else REALLY cares like we do.  So thanks for reading to this point :).
I wanted to share a couple miracle stories that happened recently, one in Vienna and then one that happened just yesterday!
There is a missionary in the Vienna stake from Mongolia named Miga who about 3 months ago entered our mission.  She has a good nonmember friend of hers named Suvdmaa who had been coming to English class at the Vienna institute center.  She's THE SWEETEST THING and so cute.  Some elders and I taught her English a couple times in one of the classes we have and, bless her heart, kept coming despite our lack of language teaching skills.  She stopped coming because of schedule conflict and we only contacted a couple times through email.  The week before transfers she shows up to class!!  I was beyond elated and taught her Tuesday andThursday that week.  On Thursday after class I had a thought to ask her if she'd like to know more about what we do as missionaries and to hear our message.  She said sure.  Total miracle that fell into our laps.  We met with her once and she took a Book of Mormon and began to read and said she would be baptized when she knows it's true.  HOLY COW.  Pray for her!  She's so ready and prepared!
Second miracle.  We went to conference in Freiburg where it was broadcasted for us.  Sister Jaynes is in our district (woot woot!!! so excited to see her again!!) and through miracles had sent a newly returned missionary in their ward to go check on Sister Jayne's Hungarian comp in a different room (she needed something or something random).  He walks out and RIGHT as he walks out, two guys walk in who were curious about the Mormon church.  RIGHT during conference!  They came into the English session with us (both spoke great english) and watched the talk about the olympians 4 minutes, Elder Bednar, and President Monson.  SO AWESOME.  They had seen the BYU center in Jerusalem and were simply curious about the church and walked in.  WHAT?!?!  They're potentials and will be taught by the Freiburg elders Elder Root (from my last district in Munich!) and Elder Christiansen (he's a boss!).  Ellad and John.  Pray for them too. 
Loves to everyone!  I love giving everything to the Lord, knowing sometimes we have NO idea what we're doing, and miracles follow.  So cool.  Miracle Zone!
Sister Packer

Vienna District (Elder Smith, Elder Morey district leader, Elder Kingery, Elder Lyons, Sister Garrett, Sister Jenks who opened Lahr!!, Sister Friedrichs and me) sorry the order isn't right because my camera died and I can't look at it.

Sister Friedrichs and I with Suvdmaa

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