Monday, August 25, 2014


Dear people,

So I'll start with Jessie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! YOU 16 YEAR OLD YOU.

No dating. No no annoying sounds... 

Thanks for your novel:) I really really enjoyed it! by the way, nice photo bomb Bekah Eggett.

Second thing. HOW IS NATALIE DOING?????

Oh school starting... The joys. Haha all of the parents that we are teaching are rejoicing that school is starting again. It is starting here as well.

This week has been alright. Nothing too big. Just a good week to start the mission off for Elder Lindquist.

Mina came to church! It was great. She missed sacrament meeting because she got lost when she tried to walk. Brother Mann our ward mission leader took us to do a rescue mission. We drove until we saw her and picked her up and brought her to church. She was way closer than she knew. She loved it. She is still struggling with English though. But she is happy being there:)

I'm running out of time. There will probably be loads of stuff that I will want to tell you all as soon as I'm out of the internet cafe. Probably. But for now, thank you so much for you emails everbody!

-Elder Packer

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