Monday, August 4, 2014

I've also had a weird week. (EP)

Dear everyone, 

I was just reading some other missionaries' emails and it sounds like they had weird weeks as well. Mostly because we had some lessons fall through that weren't expected and then we had some unexpected ones come up. The lessons falling through is only weird because they were our more solid investigators. 

Live and learn, and make back up plans. I'm just looking over my planner now and I realized that I rarely had a solid back up plan on any days this week. Ouch. I was just rebuked while typing this Email.

On the upside though, there is this awesome couple in our ward named Robert (Polish) and Maria(Philippine). Best culture/accent combo ever! Maria is a member and Robert chose to join the church as well. He was baptized on Saturday!!! He is in our ward, but he's a baptism of the Sister missionaries. 

After the baptism we had a fireside thing called "The Gospel Around the World". I was volunteered to represent the U.S. with some food and some church history. Guess what food I made. I made funeral potatoes (Corn flake Potatoes, same thing). The Utah classic. I got a member to Google the recipe for me. The other Elders in my district (One from Utah, the other from Idaho) helped me out a ton. It was so stressful to get it all made right before the fireside started. 

It turned out alright. People said they liked it. Even though most people thought it was really weird that there was cereal (cornflakes) on top of it.  And to add to it, We made loads of PB&J sandwiches for people to sample. There were only a couple of people that really liked it. 

Elder Shaw made this awesome South African dish called Bobotie. Lots of other countries were represented and I ate WAY too much food. It was really fun. 

Carole is doing alright, she is definitely starting to make more baby steps on her own. We aren't going through material as fast as  we would like. But it isn't about us in the end. She is working as quickly as she will. She is starting to show the signs of being converted, ever so slowly. Seriously, we missionaries expect things to happen so quickly sometimes. Hold your horses missionaries!

-Elder Packer

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