Monday, August 11, 2014

Tonight we get the Dodge Call. (EP)

Dear people,

Tonight is Dodge night. I'm probably going to be staying here. Elder Shaw is going far away... just kidding I don't know where he is going yet. It may just be one zone over.

The two teams of Elders will most likely be changing this transfer. I've got a funny feeling that Elder Harris is either going to be a Zone Leader or he's staying here to train... I guess we'll find out tonight. The group that is coming in is has 34 missionaries. That is a massive group, so there will be loads of trainers. 

We've had such lovely sunshine lately. Apparently this is an unusual Summer here. Not quite as hot as Utah. Then again, I have never done missionary work in Utah during the Summer. Collecting fast offerings doesn't quite count, but it's close.

We had two people come to church this week! Our investigator named Mina, and she brought her friend Rae. They are both chinese and didn't understand everything being said in church, but they liked it. Mina even said the closing prayer in the Gospel Principles class. The one who asked her to say it didn't realize she was an investigator/didn't speak much English, my heart stopped and I waited for her response. I was ready to jump in and volunteer to say it or something but when Elder Shaw explained to her what was being asked of her she was like "ok" and said a perfect prayer in English! What the!? Somebody has been keeping their commitment to pray every day! 

Mina could use your prayers everyone! Her family is Buddhist so she is worried that she won't be allowed to be baptized. 

Carole is doing ok. She will be sad to see Elder Shaw or myself leave. We ate lunch with her on Friday and she loved it. My main concern is that she is keeping commitments just to make us happy and not to make herself happy. That is the ultimate goal of the Gospel after all, to be happy. She could use your prayers as well. 

Elder Shaw and I went down this wicked slide with Carole's two grandchildren. Whatever it takes to get these people to progress!

-Elder Packer

These are some pictures of the slide. It was pretty cool. Notice The young lad right behind me coming down the slide head first. :) That is Connor:)

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