Monday, August 18, 2014

"This is His work, not ours..." (SP)

Family and Friendlies!
I don't remember what I've said about an investigator that we passed to the Freiburg Sisters, but there's an update from this week.  Her name is Lea and we found her on a train.  She was so sweet and asked us tons of questions about why we're here and what we do here.  It truly was a testimony to me that the Lord get's past our weaknesses because I didn't even ask her if she'd like to learn more, but Sister Hemmi felt that she was so open to it!  We met with her once in Freiburg and as we ran to catch the train, I had the thought to give her the Book of Mormon we'd brought for her.  The lesson wasn't that great, so I thought, didn't begin or end with a prayer, but we'd explained a little more about what we do here.  But I didn't give her the book because I always like to explain it so they know what they're taking.  (I don't even comprehend the greatness of it..).  Later we texted her and I'd forgotten we hadn't given her the book and asked if she'd been reading in the Book of Mormon.  She replied, that no she hadn't because she didn't have one, but asked where she could buy one.  How much did they cost?  HOLY cow, elect.  Then after passing her off to the Freiburg sisters, which she was way cool with (that's a sign whether people are ready if they really are only interested in the message not just being friends etc.).  The next thing we heard from the Freiburg sisters is that she'd looked up the Book of Mormon online herself, and read til 2 Nephi.  I was blown.  My mind is just blown at how the Lord sends His prepared children RIGHT in front of our faces, but that when we're doing our best, it works out.  And I know that the Lord works through our weaknesses, which strengthens my testimony even more that this is His work, not ours because sometimes Sister Packer doesn't see the obvious :).
Next, Miguel.  He left for Berlin and with permission, we called him to see how he was doing.  He'd gone to, referred himself, and was contacted by the missionaries in his area.  Turns out one of the elders he's meeting with was my Zone Leader in the MTC.  HOLY COW.  Even if they don't all stay in Lahr, at least they're SOMEwhere.  So neat!
David did not get baptized.  Complications and I don't know when things will clear up.  But he has so much faith and I know there's a plan for him!  


First, Mom, I went to Z├╝rich for a stake meeting and we slept over with some sisters that live close by.  They had TONS of clothes and shoes left over from other sisters.  I found a black pair of Danskos that are AMAZING.  I love the black ones we bought....but a little bulky and I find I don't wear them a ton because of it....but now I have these babies!  I also found some wintery things that I lost in my suitcases and two other pairs of flats.  Second, the ward responded with overwhelming love to my need for suitcases!  I've looked at one so far, but our members just jumped on it and are offering old things they have.  They're so wonderful!
My passport arrived and I'm legal again :).  I'm keeping it and other documents IN our apartment from now on. 
I got sick this week.  Prayed my guts out it wouldn't go into my lungs.  It didn't.  I recovered SO fast.  Feeling great.
Love you all!
Sister Packer

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