Monday, August 11, 2014

This last week was so good. SO GOOD. (SP)

Hey y'all!
This last week was so good.  SO GOOD.  We had Mission Leadership Council in Munich and HOLY SMOKES.  It was so powerful.  We talked about Diligence and how it relates to Patience.  To be diligent, we're efficient, hard working, effective planners, steadily enduring to the end.  Sister Kohler applied it to Patience.  It's like running a race in elementary school.  All the kids start out and sprint their hearts out until they're pooped, stop, rest, and burst again.  She told us how she and her family would take a steady pace so that they'd finish with greater ability and endurance.  She told us how the Lord doesn't need people who burst and die and burst then die.  He needs people that are steady runners, who keep their eye on the prize and steadily, patiently, move forward with faith.  I loved that.  I get that ''burst'' every new transfer, but eventually it fades, you settle in, routine sets in, and your faith is tried.  But with diligence, we can always keep that fire and excitement of the Spirit. 
It was incredible to see other missionaries from other zones there, many of whom I've worked with, including my trainer mom!!  I hadn't seen her for about a year and I got to see her.  It was so amazing to connect to all these people that are all working hard in the faith of the work.
David is progressing.  Keep praying for him.  We want him to feel comfortable and ready for baptism. 
I love you all so much!  I have an invitation for y'all!  Read about Diligence in Chapter 6 of Preach my Gospel and the scriptures with it.  I know you'll be inspired and the Spirit will direct and guide you.  Loves!
Sister Packer

Sister Hemmi and I....out of breath :).
Two of our investigators Emmanuel and Kenny.  They love the Book of Mormon and are progressing.  In between work....and life.  But progressing!

Freiburg District!
Elder Packer in our mission.  Who knew?!  Gpa Packer is his Grandpa's 4th cousin...or something like that.  He was in my area before I got there.

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