Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm glad I'm in England (Letter to Mama Packer) (SH)

So your email will be one for the books...book i just started.. Thank you so much! Groombridge place is so pretty! hah yeah the trees are huge, can't see over them but thats okay.

Thats cool that Elder Holland visited Josh's mission as well! So i have talked to the couple over the visitors center and they said that if our two missions go at the same time then i can go find him.. its gonna happen...hopefully!  

Totally with you on the WHOLE conference thing! A lot of it I was like ohhh that woulda been nice a long time ago or dang yesterdays advice today. But it was so good. I didn't get tired either! We watched one session on Saturday and two on Sunday and then the last one on Monday.. kinda spaced out, made it feel long. But i really enjoyed it! I'm glad that Sister Flueren is here to because so much has happened and I KNOW (see what I did there hah) that it is a tender mercy from the Lord. But yes conference was POWERFUL I have never been annoyed when someone else moved or did anything during conference haha but i was so into it and my companion kept moving and i was dying! aahahhh!

Easter was good this year, ya know being a missionary it was probably the best Easter I have had so far. So many powerful lessons happened and a random couple basically just walked in during conference and was like so we are coming to church on Sunday and wanna be baptized....WHAT?!!!!! So my companion and I went and got their information and told them that we would save a spot for them on Sunday and we are going to start teaching them. It was so good especially because we have 1 investigator who we are pretty sure we are dropping so the Lord is totally aware of where we are, our efforts, and what we need!

HA!! I'm dying! Tell Danielle that she is BOMB! hahaha I can't even. And then Lydia's classic line! Sounds like a typical day! Oh and no no I think Lydia was the one keeping me under control cause now I'm here and I'm tryna figure out what is going on with my anger haha.... its fine. Talk about life being fuzzy...

Ah I'm so glad to hear that you are all doing good! I'm glad I'm in England too. It's a little different but its getting better.

Love you so much, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. Thanks for the prayers, there have been nights already that I know were manageable because of those. I'm proud of you and am grateful and honored to have you in my life. Thanks for not letting go of me (: Conference << It got me thinkin! 

What is your address? (: I only have half memorized.. 

I love you, Kori

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