Monday, September 16, 2013

Family Mission Plan GET ONE! (SP)

Miracles this week :)
  • My pictures uploaded from my camera.  They haven't since I left home to serve the Lord.  Now you can see all the amazing companions, missionaries and people that I'm so blessed to serve!
  • I met a guy as I was sitting at this computer who has performed in musicals basically his whole life.  His name is Kevin Rogers from New York/new Jersey.  If anyone is familiar with that name.... I met him and I gave him a card :).  People are so cool sometimes.  Like that one time we met a lady who worked with a team of people in Logan on the landscape at USU campus.  It's a really small world even in Munich!
  • A family who we were teaching was being seemingly split by the gospel, all came to church yesterday on their own.  
  • One of our investigators, we'll call him Paul, is progressing and committed to a new baptismal date and to meet twice a week.  Taking small steps forward can be miracles!
  • I talked to a sister in our ward after receiving the impression to do so.  It turns out she'd gone through a loss of a loved one a few weeks before and we cried for a minute together.
  • I had the courage yesterday to talk to a girl my age with my companion and ask if we could meet.  It went like this:
''Hey, do you have time on Tuesday we could meet at this time?''
''Sorry, I can't, I've got school at that time.''
''Do you have time on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon?''
''No this whole week is kinda busy for me.''
''Do you have time next week?''
''I'm not really sure.  These next couple of weeks are kinda crazy.''
''Hey, could we switch numbers and then we can call you in a couple weeks and schedule something out?''
''Ya, sure.''

Sometimes you just keep asking until they say they're not interested.  She just said she was busy :).  She said it exactly how it is and made no excuses.  I love Germans!  She was happy and not irritated with ;).  I think it'll turn into something!  

I have learned so much about faith this week.  Faith is not messured by results.  It's measured by your desire to do what is right.  I'm learning to start where I am, and use what I know, not what I don't know.  Just like Nephi! 

Family.  I'll send an example next week, but we're learning about Familiy Mission Plans.  How, When, Goals.  SO COOL.  Make one!

Love you all!  Enjoy the pictures!

Sister Packer

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