Monday, September 23, 2013

Oktoberfest! (SP)

Every day is full of new surprises.  But first, a miracle!

This last week we had a companion exchange with a neighbor area here in Munich.  I went to stay the night at the other Sister's apartment and so had my tiny suitcase with one night's needs.  I had also bought an umbrella the other week for a couple euros and had that with me.  The wind that day was crazy and it totally broke my umbrella.  Then, I left it on a train.  I had my smallest suitcase with me which contained spare money, clothes, makeup, shoes, study materials all of it.  We left it on an S-bahn.  It takes days to get things back you've lost.  But after all this happened, I didn't feel a lick of remorse.  I just laughed.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  Sometimes crazy things are hilarious and knowing the Lord would provide was all I needed to know.  It was a great test to see what I would do when all my stuff was taken from me.  The Lord had everything and I had extra of everything I had lost back at our apartment.  We talked to a homeless lady and that's when I realized how much she really didn't have.  ''Feed my sheep'' is what the Savior asks us to do.  We are rich in relationships and hope, faith, and love.  The Savior present in our lives is our bread and water for life.  I loved the scripture in Alma 31 at the very end!  The missionaries trusted the Lord even through all the trials they knew they would face as missionaries.  

Oktoberfest is here!  Saw my first drunk person...people.  A lot of them.  Somethin new every day!


Sister Packer

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