Monday, September 30, 2013

Oktoberfest...still! (SP)

Talk about a beautiful part of the world!!!  More pictures are on Nicole's picture page...

Ok story time.

First, there was one day Sister Smith decided to let me lead us a different way to the church.  I puffed up my chest and marched to the front.  As I later learned, I was going the wrong way, but was determined to find it.  She just had sheepish looks and smiled :).  At one point she joked and said, ok don't _____ us to the wrong direction.  But she used a German word I didn't know.  When you don't know a word, you ask someone.  So, the first person I see, which was a lady, I ask.  

(All in German) ''Excuse me.  We're learning German and I wanted to know the meaning a word.  What does 'verführen' mean?'' 

She had a blank look.  Then she began to tell me it was if you had a desire for chocolate and you want to eat it but you know you shouldn't.  This is when Sister Smith, very sheepish at this point next to me whispers the word in English.  Verführen means ''seduction.''

We walked away laughing our HEADS off.  She was so kind in explaining the definition.  I'm so grateful she was a lady.

We saw her again on our bus the other day :).  As soon as she looked at me she recognized the two of us.  Happy memories :).

I'm learning to explore and to laugh.  Life's too short and it makes it interesting.

The next story was the other night on our way to or church (ironically enough).  It was around 8:30pm and we passed Oktoberfest.  I see a man sitting playing on his phone.  I muster up my courage for a second and say to Sister Smith, I'm gonna talk to him.  We strike up conversation, chat, offerwe give him a card.  We also offered him a cookie from our plate we had.  He declinded but offered us money.  We politely decline.  He kept offereing.  We kept declining.  He then puts the 5 euros into Sister Smith's coat pocket without her permission, and says bye giving her a hug, laying his head on her shoulder.  Of course I just watch.  He comes to give me a hug, and I stick out my hand for a hand shake.  He plows it and gives me a hug.  Hehehehe OK!  Time to leave.  We say buy, and walk away with 5 euros in hand, and nievity bubbles VERY popped.  We get to the church, and receive a text from an unknown number.

''Please come back :)''

We'd given him a card with our number AND the address to the church.  We turn off all the lights and lock all doors and gates.  Another text.

''I love you :)''

Then we get a call.  And then another.  And another.... 

8 calls later.  We stayed, did language study in the dark, then ran home.

The next morning we get another text. 


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  I would hate to do things I didn't remember the night before......Lesson learned:  don't contact drunk people.  Or give them your number.

Last story.  I found a cute pink plastic spray in our candy drawer while cleaning on our cleaning day Saturday.  I smelled it, saw it was a spray.  My curious mind wants to try it and see what it is.  I spray a bit and it oozes out.  I smell it and it still smells sweet.  I spray a titch on my finger and taste it.  It was anything BUT candy.  I now know what pepper spray tastes like.  And I know that it works.  That was the most painful 12 ish minutes my mouth has endured.  P.S. milk and bread doesn't work.  


I learned to laugh this week.  Everything could be crazy, but laughing makes it better.  

On a more serious note, I read in Moroni 7 this week.  So powerful!  Faith is believing.  I didn't know how little I knew about faith until coming out here.  You can ask for ANYthing.  When you're doing what's right, and ask for what is right, the Lord wants to bless us!  And He usually does with something so much better than we thought!  Also, I learned that prayer is a commandment.  Wha??  I knew it was nice, but a commandment?  It's so crucial!  If there's something missing in your life, check your relationship with Heavenly Father! 

I love you all!  I'm going to Oktoberfest today for a bit so wish me luck!  (Aparantly it's family day mom and dad so no worries!)  Keep your Faith that you DO have!

Sister Packer

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