Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm in the England MTC! (EP)

Hello Mom and Dad!!
I'm in the England MTC, I've arrived safely and very tired. But its awesome! I traveled here with about 20 other missionaries. So far there are only 6 missionaries total I've met that are going to Birmingham. The rest are going to the Ireland/Scotland mission.  Apparently this is a slow week for the MTC because they've only got about 60 of us here. 
My P days are on Wednesday so that is when you will hear from me next.
I've talked to Elder Smith about medical, I'm going to the temple next week, and I'm going to know who my first companion is in a few hours.  A lot of stuff to remember and do, and hopefully my jet lag will wear off soon.
I can't help but speak in a semi-English accent when I talk to the people here. I hope I don't offend someone.  We'll see :)   
Love you!
Elder Packer
P.S. flying is the coolest thing ever! Way better then the wii.

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