Monday, September 30, 2013

Good things are coming to Newport B! (EP)

Hey everyone,
I'm starting to get used to how missionaries live. It's pretty awesome.  Good things are coming to Newport B! Yeah I thought it was Newport Beach at first too.
I may have mentioned it in the last letter but the Bishop of the ward made a cool statement on our first sunday here. He said that something big was going to happen in the Newport ward as far as missionary work was concerned. Oh yeah! Greenie Power! We are finding more investigators, most of them are polish.  We have been flogged a few times but we're starting to see solid appointments ahead. (flogged means we were dropped, or the appointment fell through or they gave us a fake address, phone number, name etc.)
Seriously its like a 50/50 chance that someone we talk to won't speak English. There are so many different cultures here! We talk to people from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Nigeria, Poland, Uganda, Portugal, India, Sudan and a bunch of other places. We communicate the best we can and give them a card.
We do live near the coast, not close enough to see it though. The Weather here has been awesome! I'm constantly in fear of the constant rain that everyone warned me about but its been warm and sometimes sunny here save for one or two days. I have been warned by the locals that when winter comes it will come down hard. At least its been nice so far.
There was a primary program on sunday. What I concluded is that no matter what kind of accent they have, little kids are still little kids and the church is the same wherever you go. It was wonderful! The heavy breathing into the microphone, the shifting and moving while singing. The laughter and smiles when they made eye contact with their parents. I love it.
I'm still struggling to know how to get to places around here. We ride our bikes everywhere so you'd think I would get pretty good at navigating. Nope. Without mountains to orient myself I'm pretty much lost most of the time. I'm improving slowly. I keep having those "Oh thats where I am" moments when I see something I recognize. 
We have a lovely elderly neighbor named Rose. She doesn't take any nonsense. She knows how to survive in a city like Newport. She's not a member.... yet. 
Thanks for the Emails! Love you all! 

Happy Birthday LYDIA!!! 17yrs old. (You are 17 now right? After the incident with Jessie I can never be sure)'re growing up so fast. Its really odd to think you could be as old as I am now when I get back.  But then again, I always thought you were a junior when you were a sophomore. Whatever that means to you I don't know... But happy birthday! I hope it went well! 
Landon Vernon,
You stud muffin! I heard you did great on your farewell talk. Atta boy! dude, I've been talking to people from Africa a lot lately (besides my companion). And all I can say is goodluck! No really though, you'll do fantastic, you just need the desire to serve and some greenie faith and miracles happen.
Josh Barlow,
Get me a moose eh? Haha I learned that canadians actually have an accent. I thought the only difference was that they say eh. But no! I know this because one of my MTC room mates was canadian. You're amazing man, thanks for your example. Goodluck man. I hope you learned a lot from my mamma about Genealogy. She knows her stuff.

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