Monday, October 28, 2013

Benbow Farm (EP)

Dear Everybody,
President Rasmussen organized for us to go to the Benbow Farm and the Gadfield Elm Chapel! We took a train from here (Newport) to Cardiff where we took a coach (Bus) all the way to the site. Way cool, I was hoping that at some point I would be able to visit those places while on my mission. Now I have.
I don't have any pictures on my camera but Elder Eppel said he would send me the pictures he took.
We had a cool presentation at the pond, President Rasmussen gave a little bit of history and we sang a hymn. It was raining but it was very fitting.  We drove over to the Gadfield Elm Chapel then and had another presentation inside.  It was pretty awesome. Many prophets and apostles had been there.
Right now we've got a bunch of semi-solid investigators. We've definately had better weeks. But its all good, our schedule has been a little bit weird so we're excited for a "normal" week. We're ready for this next transfer. We'll tear it up! By the way, transfer day is on Wednesday. I can't believe a whole transfer has gone by... Whoa.
What I REALLY can't believe though is that a whole term has gone by in school for Lydia, Jess, Danielle and Bre! Shnork! Has that much time really gone by? I hope you're enjoying it sisters! School can be a party if you make it one!
Jessie, send me these "Luke skywalker moments" mom was telling me about. I'd love to hear about them! 
Oh yeah about sending me letters, I have come to the conclusion that you should probably just send them to the mission home instead of the address I'm at for each transfer. That way it doesn't get too confusing. I'll just pick them up a little bit later than usual, but it's better than moving and then having to get letters from previous areas. If that makes sense... If you've already sent letters to the Newport address thats totally fine. I think I'll be here for a while. At least for another transfer or two. 
My birthday was great! Yes, Mom I did make those German Pancakes. Apparently in South Africa they call them hootenanny pancakes... I don't know either. Thats what Elder Eppel said. But they were grand! Thanks for sending the recipe!
I didn't have time to get a present for myself so maybe that will happen today because it's P-Day. I did however get several birthday cards from members in the ward and a cake! Not to mention some birthday decorations in our flat. Yep, I'm pretty sure those same decorations have been used for many a missionary.  And will be used for many more in the future! :)
Thanks for the Emails! I absolutely LOVE the picture of Andi!! How the shnork did she grow that much? Her hair is like... long...
Elder Jacob Packer
(PS Now we're starting to see real welsh rain. Its been coming down harder and harder about every day.  "Vinter is here!" -Thumbelina)

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