Thursday, October 17, 2013

Carving Pumkins with Sisters Smith and Packer (Letter from Sis Tranum) (SP)

Dear Smith Family and Packer Family,
it´s me again (for the Smith family).
Today your gorgeous daughters came over to our place again to have a little touch of Halloween.
We ate mushed potatoes with pumkin-ground meat-cassarole which was very delicious. Had Rootbeer (which you cannot buy over here so if you ever come to see us, make sure to bring us - please - McCormick Rootbeer concentrate as much as you can so will always have some for our wonderful american missionaries! )
After dinner we carved the pumkins-as you can see at the pictures.
I sure was scarred at times the way your daughters-especially Sister Smith-held the knives. But all went well-no blood was shed. 
After our activity we listend to the first talk of General conferences-Elder Cook- since your daughters didn´t have the chance to see it (because it was braodcast way after bedtime).
It was, like always, a wonderful time with them which my husband and I enjoyed a lot. You have wonderful daughters! Thanks so much for raising them and letting them come over here. They are well loved!
But I´m also very sad because it was time to say goodbye to one of them-Sister Smith. After being in Munich for 6 months she´s leaving. But she promised she´ll stay in touch and visit us with her family (you!) at the end of her mission! You´re most welcomed at our home!!!! And I´m looking forward of meeting the family of such loving girls, spiritual and sensitive teachers of the gospel!
You have every reason to be proud of them!!!
It´s going to be a challenge for both of them. Sister Smith training again and taking over the area of the Elders.And for Sister Packer, still rather new in the field and teaching her new companion. She´s very talented with the language and she´ll do fine. I´m sure-both of them!!
Since my children (almost the same age as your girls) don´t care much about the gospel anymore and doing everything within their power to live the opposite and judging us for keeping our covenants (which sure does break my heart so much) I´m always happy that so many other mothers children  are still or agian being faithful in the gospel, loving our savior Jesus Christ and loving the people over seas. Including me-a native Austrian- and my husband-a real german. 
I´m wishing you the best of luck and the Lords blessings. And enjoy the pictures!
Monika Tranum

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