Monday, October 28, 2013

Building the Kingdom of God in München 3 (SP)

I asked Sister Jaynes what the title of this email should be.  She simply said, ''Building the Kingdom of God in München 3.''  

Things are going great!!  I've never felt so alive in the Gospel!  I've never known so many strangers but been so excited to play the game of contacting :).  

I want to briefly talk about contacting for a minute.  I've learned some incredible things this week.  First off, people, missionaries, prophets keep talking about how important it is that families get family mission plans, right?  You'll get blessings, you'll be obedient, etc. etc.  I want to share some insights I had about starting from ground zero in this process and how it can be a fun and NOT stressful thing.

It starts with your testimony.  What is most precious to you?  There is the promise that these things that are most precious to you will stay with you IF you share it.  That means helping people receive the gospel.  Snap.

Something I've learned here in Germany is that 1.  If you can get people to laugh, your ''in'' meaning there's friendship forming and an oportunity to share the gospel is closer and 2.  Any invitation given out of love will never be received as offensive as Elder Holland told us.

You know, sometimes I feel like I have so much to say for these emails, and this time, my mind is kind of blank.  But the one thing I did learn this week is that if missionary work seems stressful or unnatural, then it's not really how missionary work is!  It should be enjoyable.  It should be natural.  It should give you a chance to change and progress and find joy.  I've never had so much fun being myself and seeing miracles and having the most hilarious and spontaneous relationship with Heavenly Father in my life :).  Get to know Him.  He'll make you laugh.

Go out and be yourself.  Have fun with the work and think outside the box!  

Alles gute!


Sister Packer

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