Monday, October 21, 2013

Elder Packer, I'm almost done with my first transfer! (EP)

Family and Friends,
(Could somebody please forward this to the "friends" section? I'm still working on my forwarding list technology. (Lydia that may or may not have been directed at you))
Well, first off I got my first flat tire! Yep, I'm pretty proud of it. It took a while to fix but hopefully it will last.
Second, I had a lovely ride through the countryside.
Funny story: the Cwmbran (Coom-Brahn) Area had 3 baptisms on Saturday! But there was something wrong with the font in their chapel so they came down to the Newport Chapel. Elder and Eppel and I filled up the font. Luckily we went about 3 hours early because we had to fill the font 3 times! The first time was utterly gross. Just look at the picture.
Don't worry, the second and third time the water got much much clearer:)
It was really cool to see somebody get baptized.
I've said hello to a lot of people, GQ-ing is getting to be a lot more fun. (GQ stands for Golden Question-basically talking to people on the street and asking them an inspired question) People have a lot to talk about, and they love being listened too.
I've learned that people look super angry and/or depressed all of the time. Especially when its a really rainy/grey place like wales can be. But its all a lie. Sometimes I pick the people that have the most "I don't want to talk to anybody right now" look on their face and say hi. Just to see the transformation. They turn into the happiest people ever! Don't judge somebody by their facial expression. Lesson learned. (although that doesn't mean you should necessarily talk to everybody just because they look like they want to hurt you.) 
Elder Jacob Packer

Jake's first flat tire!

The Newport Chapel baptismal font--it took 3 times to fill until the water was clear!

Phew! Jake found honey in the UK--he will now live :)

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