Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference Rocks! (EP)


You know how it rains during general conference in Utah? Well in Wales it gets sunny. Go figure.

The rain is coming though, its getting colder and I'm usually wearing a jacket even when it isn't raining now.

I love being a missionary! Its super hard, but if you actually do the work, and apply what you've learned it is very rewarding. Funny story: One of my questions for General Conference was "How can I become a better missionary"

M. Russell Ballard then quoted nearly word for word a page in Preach My Gospel which I've read many many times. It just says the basics of missionary work. Lesson learned. We already have the resources. Sometimes God just reminds us of the answers we already have.

General Conference Rocks!  Did anyone else get the direct comments for full time missionaries? Oh yeah and if I didn't tell you before Elder Ballard came to the MTC and I met him! So yeah, when he said he met a lot of missionaries in his talk, I was one of them.

Thanks for your emails and letters everybody!

Love you!
          Elder Packer

(PS tea biscuits are the best!)

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