Monday, October 21, 2013

New Investigator! (SP)

Hello Family!  It's good to write home because so many crazy miracles have happened this week!

Sister Smith and I sadly parted ways on Thursday and I received a new companion Sister Jaynes!  She's been in Austria the past 6 months doing incredible things and this is her first time coming to Germany during her mission!  She is a powerhouse of faith and incredibly understanding.  I'm so excited to work with her!  We have worked so hard the past couple days, more than I feel like I have since getting here.  She's truly an example of faith and diligence.  We found 9 potentials in 2.5 days and placed 3 Book(s) of Mormon(s) with two other appointments to give away the Book of Mormon.  We'd not found that many potentials in that short of time my whole 3 months here!  It was crazy! (SP)

One of the greatest miracles happened this weekend.  It started actually about 2 monthsish ago when I found €20 on the sidewalk in front of our apartment building.  We put up a sign by our mailboxes noticing our neighbors that if they lost €20 not to worry and clingal us!  We heard no response from anyone so I just kept it in my closet waiting to know what the Lord would have me do with it.  On Saturday, I had the slightest thought to put it in my bag that day.  I didn't think anything of it because sometime I've had those thoughts, but nothing happened.  Later that night as we were looking for the correct U-bahn to take home and a little stressed because it was already late, Sister Jaynes ran into a 19 year old boy who spoke English and asked her if she had money.  She said she didn't and then I caught up to her.  He was looking desperately for money to buy a ticket and was asking for anything anyone could spare.  I immediately took out the €20 and handed it to him.  His eyes bugged out.  The shock in his expression and frozen hand looking at the bill was a tender sight.  He asked if he could give me some money back that it was too much.  I insisted.  I told him to thank God for it, because He loved him.  He was without words and was overcome at the sudden miracle.  He said that he'd prayed moments before for God to help him find the money he needed.  He said he needed to pay me back.  I told him, no, that it was God who gave me that money in order to give to someone else in need.  I told him I'd found it and put it in my bag for someone who needed it.  I told him he could repay me though, and that it could be by meeting with us so that we could give him a book ;).  He said of course of course and exchanged numbers.  We met with him again last night and gave him the Book of Mormon in Serbian and told him who we were and our purpose.  We'll meet with him again in two weeks after his trip back home.  

In this moment I felt I understood some of Ammon's experiences, when he saw after he'd served the king, had earned his trust and a clear opening to sharing the gospel appeared.  My heart rejoiced in the opportunity to show forth the Lord's power as Ammon also experienced with the King's Servants.

I know that the Lord's miracles are real.  How far are we willing to go to see them?  As Grandpa Packer has said it, act and revelation will come.  I also remembered that story of Grandpa giving Elder Bednar the 20 pence or pounds that allowed him safe passage.  These pictures remind me of Grandpa's home :).  I hope you like them Grandpa!

I know this work is true.  I love the Gospel.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sister Packer 

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